A proposal because of all the bugs going on right now

Since there are several things that have bugs right now (who would have thought that? :upside_down_face:) maybe it would be a good idea to:
-Eliminate all guild war scores this week and delete this week from all the scoreboards.
-Compensate all guilds for the mileage not awarded to the players, for instance by awarding some extra miles to the guild score or lowering the demanded reward stage scores.
-Reward all players with a few extra levels in the kingdom pass since the buy a level for gems button is deactivated.

And overall maybe it would a good idea to thorough test new features before releasing them.
This would resolve a lot of the friction that is going on right now.
Well it might not resolve but even avoid it.
I don’t know how these things still can happen after all what has happened in the past.
Maybe it’s the way things are done in the world of game developing but this is the only sector this kind of sloppy work seems to be tolerated. I know one thing for sure, if these things happen in another company in another job the dude (or dudette) doing such a messy and sloppy job will be called to the boss’ office and receive his papers and be asked to never come back.
I’ve been in this game since the beginning and have been always very supportive towards the game but what is happening every time there is something new in the game has costed this game a lot of support from the first hour players and many have left the game just because of these bugs going on.
So ladies and gentleman developers I think it’s at the time to get your act together urgently … :thinking:


I hope they dont do this to be honest. After two years, GW is still an absolute joke for my guild. On Monday, our opponent scored a total of 5000ish points. Tuesday was 4000. Two years of fighting dead guilds.

If this week gets scrapped, that adds yet another month of having to wait to get maybe fun GW gameplay.

Instead, I hope they retroactively add everyones defense scores. That data should be somewhere.

Mostly though, I find GW so broken (again, two years of only fighting dead guilds) that I dont view the defense bug as a big deal.

YES PLEASE OMG. The lack of testing is baffling.

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I don’t know at which level your guild is but let me assure you in bracket 15 those 2000 points missing from several players DO hurt. It has costed us a daily win already.

You’ll be wanting back to the days you had to fight “dead” guilds once you start encountering meta teams all the time once you get to the higher brackets. :wink:

Doubtful. I want to fight not dead guilds. Maybe we will lose. Its all good. But right now, GW is blegh.

If brackets worked there may be fewer meta teams as better guilds could climb. :wink:

Anyway, sorry for the derail. Your post is about all the bugs and I completely agree that they need to be addressed, the GW bug included.

I agree with you, guild war needs a rework … on the other hand it is a feature that is in the game since it started.
Maybe it would be a good idea to instead of giving only the attacking team a color, the defense should be given one too, not necessarily the same as the attacking team but I think that would avoid having to fight the same teams over and over again.
This week I encountered 14 times the same team … after the 6th time I was already fed up with it so you can imagine how I felt the 14th time :upside_down_face: :rofl:

This can only be intentional. Company strategy. This has been going on for so long now that it has to how they intend it to be. Half finished work, us the players are the “beta testers”. Apparently the money they save on not testing and not having a community manager + Campaign pass and now Kingdom pass= increase their earnings.
I mean which shareholders in their right minds would allow such sloppy work for so long, unless there is a benefit…


Are we really beta testers though when they don’t actually fix the bugs?

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Why fix the bugs when we are just looked upon as testers and not paying customer, this is a free game after all…

Did you actually not understand what I meant by the post ?

Just in paper… nothing more than that I believe. Pretend testers.