Maybe for the first 4 weeks this is a Grace Period in GW

After all the bugs last week, especially folks being marked as loss when they won, some of the guild issues not getting to get members in, problem with DeathMark, and just all around little issues with this week where some guilds do not have last week’s information for their members-- why not just put this under a 4 week trial/grace period so dev can work out the bugs, and we all get familiar with the process.

Had I known I wasn’t go have my information I would have copied it down.

I just think right now it’s a bit bumpy and there are some who even loss more because they didn’t get their correct points and then ended up not in 1st place.

Just my two cents


I would be fine with a delay. Hopefully more towards 1-2 weeks to fix everything though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I still think there is good value in us pounding on this. It exposes server issues, it exposes deadlocks and some weirder issues such as disappearing teams.

I’m all for being a beta tester. :slight_smile:


@Tacet i hope a delay wouldnt be necessary one would think that continuing to play the GW system on a large scale would find the bugs and problems and allow the devs to fix them and make improvements as we go

One thing we would (myself included) all do well to remember is this is a brand new system and some growing pains are to be expected

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It’s okay Vangor - I just am a former test engineer so everything to me is all about testing and back end stability.

I didn’t catch what do you mean by “Grace Period”? Not moving in the leaderboard? Another delay?

Well given there are already two Guilds who have won points this week in our Rank (we’re in 41-50) -and technically we’ve not started this week I would say ‘YES’ nothing counts per say.

We continue to play since it’s going to uncover bugs, we continue get points, but in 4 weeks, (based on the fixes mind you) everything is reset and the board starts out fresh as if we are day 1 of week 1 of the brand new product.

after all it isn’t fair that there are some guilds who did not receive the points they should have because of those bugs

I think it needs to be allowed to continue to run, and just accept that we are both the primary customers and the beta testers.

Yep, Guild Wars is pretty good for beta software. You can test in house as much as you want (for reasonable costs), but you’ll never find all the issues until it hits the live systems.

Many of the issues are growing pains.

The wins counting as losses, or disconnect loses are going to haunt Guild Wars, in my opinion. The will haunt it because there is nothing the player can do to control when they might get the random loss. In normal PvP, you lose a couple trophies and your win streak. In GWs it can cost the whole guild.

Perhaps I’m wrong and 1-2 loses won’t determine who wins the weekly war. Or that statistically, every guild will get hit with roughly the same number of DC losses.


It did for one guild I heard of so far. It cost them slot 1 in their rank

I’m all for giving the devs the benefit of the doubt, this is all coming in hot and we are functioning as their testers, but I’d feel a lot better if their was more communication from their end. Some things they’re trying to keep secret to avoid exploits, some things they’re waiting on more data before addressing, some things they’re waiting to see what fixes are practical, and some things they just don’t know… and there’s very little to tell all of those apart even for someone paying attention and being engaged in the discussion.

It makes it rather difficult to do effective testing to get this shit sorted out.

resetting the ranking to week 1 is not fair
i know some ppl were not able to fight their way in the ranking due to bugs, but a lot of guilds got in the wrong rankings at the first week and throwing them all the way down again wouldnt be anywhere as fair as letting them to keep the ranking as it progresses

remmember that the rank reset with ranks assigned by system would mean the rewards already decided on by the system, not by players work. i dont want this a second time