A promise to the community

In light of what has been happening on these forums i feel i need to post this manifesto if you will.

Hopefully @Saltypatra can bring about the changes that have been requested and this forum can revert to the place it was when i joined.

That being said, now time for a mea culpa.

I have been here for 7 months and i have spent a large portion of that time arguing with fellow members of this community. After a time one must look at the situation as a whole and decide where to put the blame.

Now there is now way i was right in every argument and likewise no way ibwas wrong in every one but that is, at this point, irrelevant. For this i feel i must apologize to the community as a whole for my overzealous behavior. I mean that truly.

Some of you may not like me and there are some of you i may never see eye to eye with and that is ok. In fact i think it ia pretty normal. However i would hope that in spite of that we can all find a way to coexist peacfully.

To that end is the aforementioned promise.

I shall endeavor, from this point forward, to conduct myself in a more peaceful manner.

I am not perfect and i will at times fail. I only ask that someone remind me of my promise. Publicly or by pm whatever is deemed appropriate by the person reminding me. Upon recipt of the reminder i will stop and look at my behavior and correct my missteps. This i also promise.

Hopefully this is received with as much sincerity as it is put forth with. There is no need to comment but please if anyone wants to just keep it civil and on topic

Thank you all for reading this long winded post and hopefully this can facilitate a change in the relationship between myself and the community.


I have absolutely no clue what you have to apologize for? Boards is for discussing and not everyone can like a persons attitude/opinion. If you have to apologize, oh mother, 90% of the members on these boards should. So @Vangor , I say this to you as a friend, try get that guilt off your chest, you do not owe anyone an apologize.


I must disagree @Eika. I am an adult and spent many hours last night dwelling on whether to leave the community or not. And i had a revelation of a sort.

As i said in my OP whether i was right or wrong is irrelevant. I at times acted in a way that is incorrect towards other members of the forum. This is what i need to make amends for. Not for disagreeing with people, but for the way i did it.

I don’t understand the purpose of posts like these. If you truly feel your behavior was inappropriate, then change it – no need to announce it to the world. If you don’t, then don’t. There’s no specific apology in here, just a blanket statement that will ring hollow until actual change happens. If you slighted someone in particular, it’s best to just PM them to resolve the issue. Certainly I don’t see anything in here that warrants a new thread be created.


I am sorry you feel that way @Lyya. If i did not make my apology clear let me do so now.

I am sincerely sorry for the way i have treated the community as a whole since i have been a member of it.

Since my apology is to the entire community, consider this a pm to every member of it.

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No need to apology me at least. Work with your guilt, mate. Everyone has to do that, we are human beings after all.

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You are correct for the majority of people, this works always has always will. I view this post as a sincere reflection of his past behavior PLUS asking the community for help/reminder when he strays from his personal goal.

Think of it like loosing weight. If you consume less calories than you expend you loose pounds, its super simple and works 100% of the time and you don’t need any outside help. However, for some people they need others to help/remind them to stay on the path. An entire industry exists and makes billions of dollars every single year just by reminding people things they already know. Move more, eat less.

I took his post also as a request for help, and to remind him if he strays from his goal. Just my personal opinion.

PS: In case no one told you today, your DB site is awesome.

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So please help me Strat, tell me about what you noticed of his past behaviour?

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Really? Nothing good is going to come of that.


You dont understand what I am saying Stan. I am saying, there was ZERO need for this apologizing everyone post, so I wonder why Strat thinks it was a sincere reflection, as my opinion is that Vangor has not crossed any lines. Then there must be something obvious I have not seen? Mind telling me/us about it?

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I was just saying that in the spirit of positivity that Vangor kicked off the thread with, I wouldn’t want any of his past behavior dredged up here, whether any of us think it was acceptable or not.


I am missing something obvious here…


Mind telling us Vangor what you gonna change?

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You have hit the nail directly upon its head my friend


I’m not hugely convinced there’s a need to apologise… the principles of making a forum like this pleasant to be around aren’t hard to grasp… you don’t stand out for me as anyone especially guilty of abuse or reprehensible behaviour, other than being a bit crass and a bit quick to meme… neither of which are too much a problem… :thinking:


I am not convinced either…But if that lift some kilos from Vangors heart, I am fine with it…


How do you know?

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Not true. I am perfectly capable of thinking for myself. This is all my decision


Yeah but you are just speculating of what happened next… Speculating is not good, evidences is good or the truth…