My semi-dear john letter

It has been made abundantly clear to me that these forums are becoming nothing more than an echo chamber and my dissenting opinion (where applicable) is not welcome.

I have been accused of having no life… I have been accused of deliberately provoking ppl unnecessarily and i have been mockingly called “mr forumpoliceman sir”… And all that just today.

So that being said i hereby make this statement…

  1. I shall not offer ANY dissenting opinions from this point forward regardless of what they may be.

  2. I shall not make derogatory comments of any kind.

  3. I will keep my thoughts to myself and post very infrequently and only on threads that involve the more comedy oriented aspect of the forums or on my recruitment thread (when necessary)

I strongly urge everyone here to consider what they would like this community to be going forward. Do you want a place where people are free to voice opinions no matter what they are and open and honest discourse is not only tolerated but encouraged? Or do you want a community where the only voices heard are all the same and following the crowd, a sort of opinion meta if you will.


Ok. Here is your first test ‘to dissent’, I think the kitten will win.


HA, right after calling my goodbye post an attention grab. Good luck with your new sense of purpose.


FWIW, I very much appreciate that you’re one of the few regulars not constantly complaining about GW.

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Passive agressive much? Doesn’t suit you tbh.
So someone told you to shut up, big whooping deal, we have all been there, it is an online game forum after all.
You have a tendency to get riled up over small things, happens to the best of us, seems to happen to you a bit too often, get over it.
Your opinion on many issues is still very much appreciated here, so do something fun to cool off and come back.


The tone conveyed by your posts often reads to me as hostile, even when it seems clear there is no hostile intent. Event this post is hostile in tone, in addition to being confrontational in nature.

This forum tends to have a pretty broad variety of players that love the game, who even when offering strong criticisms of the game, do so without the seemingly implied hostility of your writings.

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Sorry you feel that way @Vangor . I saw your comments in the other thread, and I don’t think they were that provocative, much adieu about nothing. However, I also don’t see them as really necessary, since they didn’t add much to the conversation. Echoing your comments from that thread, “What are you hoping to accomplish?”. Personally, I find those threads a little annoying, but that’s why I just don’t bother posting in them. And in fairness, if I were leaving I would probably make one myself since I feel I’ve made some connections here, and I would hope you’d do the same for the benefit of your friends. Just to show the other side of the coin…

As for what I hope the forums become, I try to make them that way by posting what I expect, and privately encouraging others to do the same. But as these are unmoderated public forums, I also expect a certain level of this junk, so I just try to ignore it and move on.

Hope this is only temporary… and GO KITTEN!


Thank you all for your responses😎

I am arguing with someone every day on here and have been told numerous times that my opinion is not welcome and to that i say “so be it”

I know i come off as hostile even when im not but that is a symptom of expressing my opinion so as i said above i will no longer do that so as to not propagate any unnecessary hostility


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Of course your opinion is not welcome to the person you are arguing with. Rare is the example of someone who actually values an opposing viewpoint.

I would suggest, however, that before you post in a topic, you take a moment to decide if the post is contributing to the conversation in a productive fashion. It’s often helpful to try to place yourself in the shoes of the OP; sometimes it’s just passion (anger, excitement) speaking, and they need a moment to cool off.

In any case, attacking the person instead of the message (“He just wants attention”) will always result in confrontation. I don’t think it takes prognostic fortitude to see that coming. If you can’t stomach the inevitable “get out of my thread” response, then consider not posting it in the first place.


I’m fairly new to the forum, and so far I think we are in disagreement about 99% of the time, and yet…
I enjoy your posts.
The point of forums is to share opinions and trade point of views.

I think you suffer from the “snarkier than intended” syndrome that also plagues me too often.
It’s hard to strongly disagree “politely”.

I think we all need a few good feel posts.
Let’s talk about our favorite underdog troop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I know I could be more diplomatic but I don’t care to be. I know if I did then it would mean fewer people trying to silence my opinion. But I don’t care.

I think you have two options: stop caring about the people trying to shout you down or start being less confrontational with your responses.

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Therein lies the basis for my decision. I genuinely care therefor i shall not be disagreeable even if that means less participation



Yeah, I get it. I think there are a few people that tend to be very reasonable in their disagreements and it seems like they’ve disappeared a bit as well.

I really worry the forums are going to become a place where people just come to post complaints and it stops being a community.

It seems like a lot of the people that used to be very good at moderating things are letting their GW frustrations get the better of them so they’ve stopped policing as well. I’ve never seen a time where the forums were so singularly dominated by one complaint.


This is what happens when changes are enacted that are not in line with what people want and have come to expect from the game. The other issue being that the developers are seemingly ignoring the issues brought up in all the complaint posts and doing nothing about it.


Partially agree. I think there is more “noise” than before, but there are still a number of decent/active posters around here that make things worthwhile. It’s just a lot more work than before to weed through each topic, and look for posts from the people I respect or consider worth reading (and yes, I obviously have read your posts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

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The last time we did that we got some really nice love for our epic dragons Dimextria and Venbarak, along with Skull Beard seeming to be inspired by some of the Carnex feedback.

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Giant buffs were also promised, but apparently they are so groundbreaking that they take time to implement!



I don’t think you should stop posting, an opposing opinion is always welcome. Its just more about how the opposing view is written.

I am sometimes guilty as well of letting my frustrations get the best of me, and there are many times I write a post - read it and then say to myself what was I thinking of writing this. So I try to learn from that.

I guess the Short version of this, is explain why your opinion differs vs just shouting down that you don’t like it. This is something every person can grow on. Explain your scenario and why you feel the opposite, not why their idea/complaint “sucks”.

I hope we can get the forums back to the community it was before as well, I do not want a toxic community.

The dev’s are part of the reason the toxic behavior, prior to GW the dev’s were more active on the forums and with the community. This is mainly why the community was less toxic.

Sorry to anyone I may have offended, and please let me know if you ever think I go over the line.

I want nothing more than this game to succeed. Good Luck


This is definitely a component to the current “vibe”.

Every game that has rolling updates stumbles, this one is no exception. The developers probably could have backed away from the forums if the state of the game was healthier without this minor mess.

In hindsight, right after releasing a “unfavorably received” update the last thing you should do is go into seclusion, and dramatically reduce your official substantive posts how the team is going to improve the game. I’m not saying respond to every thread, but some real preview information once a week would go a long way reduce some “toxicity”. And show the community this current game state is not permanent (I don’t believe it is but its nice to hear).