My semi-dear john letter

This is only a guess, but i think that the current state of the forums is the reflexion of a very precise situation:
There are actually some rather, mmm… “polarizing” mechanics that are affecting players.

It is possible to love a game, and still realize that you could do without some elements. An example i used elsewhere is, i love the Mario games. But i dislike the water levels. I deal with them and beat them.
But if you’d ask me, i really think that i would enjoy the game MORE without them. And i would not play a Mario game that is all undewater. :fearful:

I have been loving GoW since release. I have shown it to people, and praised it to all my friend. It is such a fun game, it’s match-3 with strategy. There are some parts i like more, some less, some awesome, some really annoying.
There are a few mechanics that would actually make the game better for me if they’d just go away. But hey, that’s fine.
Lately, some of these mechanics are starting to show more, and more, and more, and more, and suddenly, this game i love so much with it’s tiny little things i could do without is turning into a giant display of these same things.

So much, that it is exactly what prompt me, after all this time, to register on the forums. I wanted to see if this was being looked into. I came here because i was worried that what i consider a cancer to my favorite game (or at least the way i enjoy playing it), was spreading and going untreated.
I figure i am not the only one.
Hence why you see so many posts about the same 3-4 things.

GoW is at a crossroad. It contains quite a few very very delicate polarizing issues (not naming them on purpose not to derail) and i think the forums are currently reflecting that, and the devs are going to have to make some difficult decisions, because any decisions toward a polarizing matter is gonna disappoint some people.

Hard time.
But i’ll do my best to stay positive and constructive.


The only reason I said what I said is because the person was leaving. There was nothing to “discuss.” What could you say that was at all productive? The game is great! See ya! Especially saying they’re just out for attention.

That being said, your posts are still most welcome.

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I believe everyone’s free to their own opinion, so long as it’s shared constructively.
For example, I completely disagree that GW is the “worst thing” to have happened to GoW. But I DO understand why many people wouldn’t like it. Whether it’s eventually changed or not, I’m cool with it.

One of the big reasons I’m so much scarcer to find here these days is because of the constant stream of complaint threads, and when it’s not those it’s a mass graphical “meme”-yard. I’m not particularly fond of either option, so I ignore such threads.

I still enjoy the game and the community, but I can’t share in the current interests swimming around it.
So I’ll wait for when the water is calm enough again to take another dive or I choose to spread my wings and soar elsewhere. Either way, I’m presently content with staying on dry land and watching the fish go by. :fish:


Purely out of curiosity. What features/updates do you think were worse than GW?

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Aw, and I’ve appreciated your dissent to the GW hate. You should consider the way people respond to you a ‘badge’, because being talked about is better than not being talked about.

I definitely appreciate diverse opinions and definitely don’t want to post an angry ‘GW butthurt me’ thread and have a 100 people saying ‘I agree’. Your points are often smart and thought out and not just ‘nuh-uh’ type posts that a contrarian would make.

So please, don’t feel limited by people calling you things and you’re not provoking, this is a forum.

However, I think one thing that we could do to make this forum better is have a separate section for complaints and griping. A single place for all the GW hate to collect and fester and be spiced by ‘Nerf Famine’ and ‘Devour sucks’ threads.


i think no statement/promisses from you is needed and whoever doesnt like your opinion or wishes to judge you can stick their opinion up their nose

its a forum for everyone and as far as im concerned i dont remmember you being vulgar or offensive to the point that you would deserve to be silenced and withdrawn

at the very least, ppl who treat you that way dont deserve your promise or statetements, i doubt someone who doesnt treat a person with respect would suddenly change that and appreciate ones effort


We’re all people who love the game, (mostly) and forums thrive on discussion and opinions. Just remember that what people think of you is not your business.
If you think you’ve been out of line do something about it.
If you haven’t then just carry on as you were.
Although this post suggests you possibly think you’ve been out of line but I don’t know, I’m not quite sure what the point of it is. Just carry on being yourself and if you need to apologise occasionally then do it but if someone pisses you off tell em. You don’t upset me, I’m happy to read your stuff.
Chill mate.


The worst time – subjectively speaking, obviously – was near the end of 1.0.6 and the beginning of 1.0.7.

Webspinner spam was a serious issue at the time that nearly always guaranteed your loss a majority of the time. It took forever to resolve and eventually kill your invading team.

During this time, gem generators had their generating scale off of magic, and 1.0.7 introduced Kingdom & Team bonuses furthering Webspinner’s generation up to 13 Green Gems per cast. (The likelihood of a 4+ match with that number is extremely high.) People would run 4 of these guys on defense with the +2 Green Flag and simply spoil PvP for everyone.

It was also during this time that many people around the forums started taking sides instead of seeing the gray area between them. Everyone demanding “Nerf it to the ground!” or “Leave everything as it is!” refusing to see the other side of things.

The worst part of the whole incident? Everyone that chose a side blamed the devs for everything. Either the devs were “lazy” or they were “ban-happy” and it all bugged me to no end. It sickened me, honestly, how ignorant some people were behaving. (I don’t even remember who was on which side or if any of those sided-users are still around, but I distinctly remember how it made me feel.)

I understood both sides issue and chose to address them both by explaining in great detail how and why particular nerfs occurred up to that point. Probably my longest rant on the whole forum, taking me several hours to write it all out, if I recall correctly.

Point is, I chose to be constructive without resulting to personal attacks. My goal was not to say one side was more correct but to inform both sides what they were actually arguing/complaining about.

So yeah, easily my least favored time.

Right now? Feels like child’s play by comparison, just on a bigger scale what with more users being present. The current situation all honestly feels like a forum-wide tantrum that I just don’t want to bother with or address further. Far from infurating, more comparatively irritating.


I’ve read both these threads now and this is my 2 cents. And I will preface the incoming; Grammar police/It has nothing to do with YOU either,/You’re post is an opinion/you’re the anti-anti guy/ But these are all conditional opinions!!! So if it’s just to find something wrong with what I wrote, as opposed to discussion, we’ll know you don’t really have any real response. And I love using quotes, get over it.
Every post that is not a general GW question IS an attention grab (even mine). It’s what we do as humans. If we didn’t we wouldn’t have accounts here. The Dear John or complaint posts is looking for someone to help solve their issue or share their frustration in hope that someone can relate. TBH most of the semi-trolls (u know, that’s what you are) are just trying to swing that spotlight there way, like a jealous sibling or don’t have anything of your own to say. Raise your hand if you’re the “Anti whatever is being said Guy.”
The collective “conditions” to have an opinion are exactly the opposite of having an opinion. And before you say it we all know the difference between, fire! in a movie theater and shitily commenting on someone’s post. Not the same freedom of speech. Commenting on someone’s “useless post” is even less useless, no?
Things are said like “These posts are all the same, this belongs buried in some other thread”, are just misonomers to stuff the opinion away and/or “I don’t want to read someone saying something bad about my favorite game”. Just like every other thing in life you don’t like. Don’t read it. Don’t watch that video. Don’t listen to that song. If it doesn’t pertain to you leave it alone. A useless thread will die on its own (you’ve all seen it) or maybe 2 or 3 people might have a reasonable discussion about something that has nothing to do with you. I look in, nothing of interest here, then I leave. No one wants 50 threads of critics arguing. Ugh. Spirals out of control, everytime. Do you have to criticize everything?
Sharing a feeling or opinion is not the same thing as jumping in to shut down someone’s opinion. Sharing is not to start an argument but if someone gets jumped on everytime they have something they’ll just stop sharing (see above). All you will have left is a toxic forum (we’re getting there) where no one will write because of the “pile on the rabbit effect” (that’s for the old people) that will follow.

Holy shit that post was too long.

Hrmmm… Not sure how long i will be able to bite my tongue

Depends… on if you want to post a comment about what was said above, or attempt to justify why the Kitten could loose…

Just look how intimidated the gorilla looks​:wink::wink::wink:

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Lol both actually


Webspinner is certainly up there, yeah. If you were to ask me, I think both the Trueshot and Maw metas were quite awful to play against.

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Ok… My participation on the forums over the last 24 hrs has been minimal by my usual standards and i have been thunkimg a lot about this thread and have reached a state of enlightenment.

I am a very strong believer in liberty and freedom of expression and to this point i cannot reconcile with my OP here. Soi am going to make an amendment.

First i wanna thank everyone who let me know that my opinions are valued (whatever they may be) I should know better then to let ppl silence me by calling me whatever they deem appropriate.

My amendments are as follows:

  1. I will not refrain from making my opinions known where i feel they are appropriate however i will TRY to avoid being unnecessarily hostile.

  2. I will address ppl specifically rather then generally vague passive/aggressive statement because @Gouki is right… It doesnt suit me

So here we go…

@daveis23 this thread was not meant as an attention grab regardless what you may think. This was a sincere statement of intent to the community i value greatly. If you cant tell the difference thats your problem not mine.

@Esoxnepa im sorry that my writings often sound hostile to you and my intent is not to pick on you directly as i have no beef with you. Sometimes my posts ARE hostile and i will not apologize for my passion for this game or this community. Passion often leads to strong feelings and stronger words. That being said, like i already stated i will try to avoid undue hostility.

@Venar this is a bit funny (albeit probably only to me) but i disagree with your 99% disagreement. It is probably only about 85%:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: i am gladyou feel the same way i do about dissenting opinions. I wish more ppl did

@AeroCloud as the target of a few of my rants due to a few arguments we have had i have to say i very much enjoyed your post here and you are one of the ppl i have argued with that i truly do not dislike

@HKdirewolf no need to justify your post to me brudda i like you so no hard feelings

@Ssazix you confuse me pimpin… In one thread you call me “the devs good little pet” and that im hoping for 1 million gems as a reward and on this thread you "appreciate my dissent to the GW hate. So which is it? Am i a good little puppet of the devs incapable of thinking for myself or a voice of support for a much maligned mode of gameplay? Here let me help you out…

Read through my posts here and i dare you to justify calling me a “devs pet”

@s.jerseychaos to say i am a semi-troll is probably true by the precise definition of the term however i dont troll just for the sake of trolling i do it when ppl stop being respectful in a disagreement or when soneone cries about cheating ai or when someone ia trolling already. However you are another person who apparently believes i am unable to think for myself. To say i am “the anti-whatever is being said guy” is just another way of saying i dont have any opinions of my own. To this i say go jump in a ditch pimpin… Read more than one post from me before you decide i am stupid

@Strat ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??? There is absolutely no way that kitty cat survives an encounter with a gorilla! The damn thing is barely one bite😉



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Ummm… Huh?

Edit: oh wait is that a gang sign lol


Lol yeah I didn’t think that would come across correctly. Just giving a fist bump. I’m glad you didn’t think I was attacking you, because it probably came across harsher than it should have in the other thread. Stay cool my brotha.

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That was taken out of context - but point taken. I’m here to have fun. =)

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Undeniably. But at least they usually ended swiftly. Webspinners gave me false hope when they finally ran out of 4+ matches/casts only to fill to full and begin the loop all over again. Yeck!

I won’t say it was the absolute worst meta, as it didn’t stick around as long as Maw or Trueshot, so it didn’t stagnate as unbearably.

Still, forum wise, it was the starting point of some particularly nasty behavior towards the devs and players with opposing opinions. That made the whole situation far worse than Webspinner alone.


Agreed. I’ve never heard of this guy before and I want to fight him.