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A Positive Thread, For Once

  • The new arena gives me a way to avoid spending money on the game. Play a few games of arena and the temptation is gone.
  • The community is awesome and I’ve made many long term friends. Several have read my book, which makes for some fun discussions.
  • While less true over time, the devs are more accessible in this game than most games.
  • The campaigns been well designed to not feel like a burden and feel worth the $10.
  • cosmetic pet weekends give a chance to cat up on missing pets.

The base game is still awesome. No build times. And you can always play something (PVP, explore, arena, treasure maps).


Oh and the removal of the animation slow down when you open a card during the opponent’s go. Huge UI improvement!


Sorry, I have to remove that from my list of positives. Playing arena has given me buyers remorse on campaigns because it ruins my enjoyment of the game well past playing it. The other four stand.


Can we take a moment to appreciate the recent Mythic art? :heart_eyes:

Flame of Anu - Nov. 11

Pan - Dec. 4

Rainbow Phoenix - WIP


Some of the artwork is excellent. Sadly, many new troops are bugged as soon as they go live because of inadequate testing. Superficial beauty of troop design is to be commended. Getting the spell/traits etc all wrong (which is what really matters) deserves scrutiny. Particularly when remedial action is way behind as a priority compared to ridding you of dollars.

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I’m a sucker for rainbows, LOVE this guy! I really hope he’s somewhat decent so I can see him in battle once in a while :smiley:

Even his spell pic is pretty!


Positive petras for the day:

If the upcoming troops sucks, at least we get to enjoy their artworks! :wine_glass::wine_glass: klink

What’s with the pencil outline on all the art though? Reminds me of a colouring-in activity for 4-year olds.

Lets be positive petras. The pencil outline is there to create an aura, the troops looks more mighty then.

Well I’m glad it’s been reduced to 2-font and isn’t an 8-font line anymore like on some older art.

Lets be positive petras. It depends on how much aura you prefer.

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They haven’t released yet. You’re spoiling things ahead of time in a non-spoiler thread…


He could hide the images. There’s an option to include stuff like that in non spoiler threads.

Apologies, I’ve blurred them now :smile:


I agree with OP that this game is very FTP friendly, especially compared to similar games. I’m not a strict ftp, as I believe in tossing some coins into a game I play and enjoy. However, I think being FTP friendly is a very good thing!

Another thing I love is the turned base game play. It seems like such a small thing, but it’s the thing that first hooked me, coming from a similar game where everything was me versus a timer. Ick.

I love that there is an engaged and passionate community, including official reps.

I REALLY love the progressive nature of the game. Yes you can buy things, and that can move you along the progression a little faster. But, but for the most part, you have to play to progress, and you get stronger mostly as a function of playing. If you draw a fantastic troop, it’s not rendered useless the following week.

I don’t love everything about GoW. There have been changes over the past year that I really frown at. But, while I think it’s important to give feedback on those things I don’t love… overall, I still think this a great game, in general… and one of the more ethical in the freemium model.


Definitely like the time commitment which is mostly unobstructed by time barriers (looking at you, ftp energy systems)! And the turn-based gameplay is really nice, I agree, because while it’s not necessarily mindless (in most modes :stuck_out_tongue:), it doesn’t involve so much thought and looking between things that I get stressed. It’s very relaxing.

In my timer based game, I find that mindless. It’s not totally mindless, more like when I play my guitar. I’m not thinking about the moves, I’ve just done them so many times that it’s auto pilot?

The turn based nature here, actually gives me an opportunity to think, or at least the illusion of thinking lol. Makes it more fun for me. Yes also relaxing in that I’m not trying to cram as many moves as I can into 20 seconds… which was a thing. :eyes:

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Positive petras for today: Its an option to do the arena or not.

Arena sucks and I might complain about other changes, but it wouldn’t affect me so much if I didn’t care.

I’ve enjoyed the game for over 4 years. I even included hidden references (“devour” and “death mark”) to the game in my first book, The Internet President: None of the Above.

I plan to work “mana surge” into my next book, as well as a Black Dragon in honor of my new guild family. So, I haven’t given up on GoW.

It’s going to be rough on me for a while because of how Arena has dampened my joy for the game, but I’ll eventually adjust and come out the other side.

In the end, the game is less about the game itself and more about the long term friendships around the game. Those are worth a positive thread any day.