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A new player joins the fray!

Got my daughter playing GoW last night. She played months ago, but needed a new account. So she set one up, and I sprang for a few gems to get her started. (To give back is divine, right?)

She opens 10 gem chests - pulls Infernal King first thing. Put some souls in, and he’s level 16 or so. She’s still level 1, and needs to finish the tutorial levels. We kit her out with the following starter team:

Infernal King level 16
Setite Warrior level 5
Hero (crude club) level 1
–(something, I don’t remember what)

She proceeds to gleefully crush PvP and quest matches for a few hours.

Nice to see that a few gems really can accelerate the early game!


very nice! i wish i had infernal king when i started the game

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Nice subtle plug!

I wish my dad had asked me to play videos games and bought me starter packs.

Also, if I had a Level 16 Infernal King when I was Level 1, I’m sure I would have ended the day at Level 20+.