New Gamer to GOW

What are the important things to do early in the game…im lev 65. Thanks everyone for the updates…Got some reading and vids to do!

First off, join a guild (preferably an active one).
Then unlock all your kingdoms, followed by levelling them all to 10 which takes (a lot of) gold.
That takes care of the first month or 2, by which time you should have a much better idea of where you want to go next…


Thank you…much appreciated

You’re welcome, depending on what platform you play on there’s always people recruiting either on here or Reddit - you can try global chat too, but that does tend to be hit & miss depending who’s online :+1:t2:

I joined some random guild…but I think im the only one playing out of the 30

What platform?

Xbox console

Possibly the only one I’m not familiar with :rofl:
If you make a thread advertising your availability then I’m sure there will be someone out there recruiting, or just check out the Xbox recruitment threads on here - there’s some really good guilds always willing to take in an active member regardless of level

Thanks again…Time to go play Halo Reach. It’s officially out!:star_struck:

Here’s a useful new player guide:

And, these two streamers have great GoW videos:

A beginner progression guide:


Good advice. I would add that it pays to communicate with your guild in chat. Decent guilds will offer tips, suggestions etc to aid your progress. Good luck.

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Thank you!:100:

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Welcome :smiley_cat:

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If you’re in a dead guild anyway, but want one that will benefit you at least by having all statues leveled to 100, consider joining Les détestables!

No requirements, and the GM is the only one who regularly logs in at the moment, but you’ll at least get a boost to souls and other resources while you look for a more permanent home (not that you wouldn’t be welcome to help that aforementioned GM repopulate the guild by sticking around and recruiting your friends! :D)

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