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A New Mythic Approaches - The Possessed King

Wrath, Writhing Staff (with lightning strike), Possessed King, Scylla - if you wanna see that fireworks :sunny:


I was lucky today, just 7k seals and i got it (yup, for my usual lick, thats was reaaaaally lucky!) :grin:

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This doesn’t seem to be true!

Am I crazy or is there less screen shake than before?

maybe both :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s the problem with this choice: I can never be sure that the first option is false.

Since I quit anyway and had lots of resources, I pulled until I had four of the Possessed King to test if using four of them is useful.
Answer: No.

The explode is nice, but they fill up slow, it’s not like you ever get to cast more than one, they have zero skull reduction or other means to stay alive for longer (I just tested in PVP, not in delves or anything and didn’t win a single match) and out of five casts I got off in three matches only one ever transformed an enemy. If you wanna use this dude, only use 1-2 at a time and put someone who helps you with keeping him alive and possibly filling him up in front of him. Also the damage is pitiful as heck. 20 damage sucks. Sunbird, Titania, Yasmine, whoever will all outdamage him. He’s more of a support than a real attacker.


[quote]This doesn’t seem to be true!
Am I crazy or is there less screen shake than before?
maybe both :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:[/quote]

I also noticed it. Before Patch, Titans Explosion perk made this satisfying screen shake every time i matched 4 or 5 gems. Now sometime it happens and sometimes not. Its very confusing.

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100 gem keys for me!! My cheapest ever mythic :grin::grin:

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600 gem keys for 1
Then opened 3k glory keys for fun, got 2 more

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Thanks, I used that team and now my monitor is cracked. :ok_hand:

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Used all my 16K seals, being 11K extra seals i got this week from all my Orbs of Clans.

Just got him with 200 glory keys! I almost fell over.Screenshot_20181102-065835


Six Guild Keys. *flex*


This Mythic’s spell is the worst ever, you cast and give to AI full life/armor troops :thinking:.


Except that they aren’t traited and all the random colors blocking the mana of what’s left…

He “killed” half my team with a cast, this is usually enough to conced instead of dealing with a long boring battle ruled by RNG.

It seems like something that might be good for a special circumstance, such as against a team that can be made much weaker by transforming any one troop.

Otherwise I just want it for the third trait. When restricted by color in GW or delves, it’s hard to fill the bottom troop or two with mana, so I like using something like divinia, liang, sylvanimora, etc for the 4/5 match trait.

congrats jzg, that’s the quickest meta anybody found…it’s crazy and it’s faaast. now ubastet can play with mice :laughing:

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Would Sheggra be better than Writhing Staff? That gives you a controlled way to generate additional skulls for extra zaniness.

Edit: oh my God, though. I just tried it with Sheggra (don’t have Writhing Staff upgraded). It was just as ridiculous as advertised. :crazy_face:


Spectators of War! :rofl:


11k seals :-1: doubt I’ll even ever use it :joy:

Well, I thought for sure my luck would run out on this guy, but nope the streak continues. I got him after 1000 glory keys and 8000 glory. I then decided to try for some more rare, ultra rare, epic and legendary troops to ascend, and after 3000 glory I got another one lol.