A New Mythic Approaches - The Possessed King


here is a little taste, even though I already switched to the new class


I feel like this troop is not balanced at all and when good meta teams come out, we’ll cry for a nerf.

And I didn’t pull it with 60k glory and 300 gem keys…
So last 3 for me is about 1000 Gem Keys, 300k glory and not a single Mythic .


At last the game finally plays itself.


No keys at the moment, but I’ll spend all the keys I get from tasks next week. I won’t be hugely disappointed if I miss this one. I wish I had skipped Fallen Valdis. Literally haven’t used her yet after spending the whole stash.


Did so back in original Fizzbang and original Doomstorm eras as well.


Yep they got close to it before but i think they finally mastered it imho.
Not that other teams these days promote much more player agenda, but this one brings us significantly closer to the mark.


Wouldn’t Wrath, Glaycion, The Possessed King and King Bloodhammer work? Sure it might be extremely slow to begin with but once Wrath or Glaycion get active, they shouldn’t be able to be stopped.


That shell doesn’t need TPK’s 3rd trait once it gets going.


Tried it, its not bad.


What does “Writhing staff (with lightning strike)” mean? I don’t get the lightning strike part. I have tried this team, but I just keep losing with it hmmm.


Lightning Strike is the Talent from Storm Talent Tree. The weapon generates skulls, so multiple matches and explosions as it’s show in the video.


Thank you!


Sharing in those sentiments.

I’d probably skip the next one, too, but the one after that? That one looks interesting.


500 gem keys for 1. 10,000 seals for a 2nd.


500 gems keys 2k glory keys and 40k glory and got nothing…there isn’t enough bad luck in the world that you should be able to throw 40k of anything and not get 1 of the thing you wanted


I’m glad I did :relaxed:.

Idk, I’m not feeling that (like it’s overpowered), but I guess we’ll see.

:laughing: :grin:

@jzg really cool vid! :slightly_smiling_face: can’t wait to try out that team/play with it a little.


Okay, lol, I just got back from a PvP crusade with jzg’s PK team (although I did play around with it a bit). Switching to a pet battle where I had a different team with no explosions was like getting off a boat, and the ground no longer moves all the time. I felt like things should be moving more, exploding constantly. Just wow :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

The Possessed Disappointment

So after spending all my keys (1500 gem keys, 4000 glory keys) and seals (12000 seals) on the previous mythic, I was reduced to spending only what I had obtained this past month and my reserve of gems to try and get this one…

Regrettably after 600 gem keys, 2000 glory keys, 11000 seals and 7000 gems I don’t have it and I am now out of resources to spend to try to obtain this mythic. :frowning:
So this one will have to go on the list for the soulforge, and likely the next mythic (or 2) will join him there as well…


Here’s another team for TPK


Be sure to post this in every “help me build a low level team” thread :joy: