A New Mythic Approaches - Tauraeus

Hi Jeto, thanks for replying, a response is always appreciated. Just on that comparison to Ketras, have a look at this

As you’ll see, even allowing for Ketras doing splash damage, which is a half strength attack, Ketras is still doing almost double the total damage that Tauraeus is (416 vs 256). And that’s assuming all the enemy are alive, it is more than double if one or more are dead.

So as it stands this a super weak troop that will never see any real use


Thanks for the effort. :+1:
Unfortunately, that further information just doesn’t make much sense. Allow me to explain.

The damage of Ketras is five times as high when buffed. This makes him far superior, even if he would only hit a single target. He can take out a target in one shot, eliminating a threat instead of slowly whittling down a whole team. The splash damage is just icing on top, and it still does more than twice the damage of Tauraeus.

Only boosting off one stat (Armor in this case) is actually far superior. While boosting off three stats in theory has a higher damage cap, it’s just not feasible to get there in any efficient way. The game doesn’t have any troops that raise multiple stats at once by a significant amount, just troops that raise a single stat by a significant amount. For all practical purposes, Tauraeus needs to get buffed five times to reach the same damage that Gaard’s Avatar reaches after a single buff, which makes battles take five times as long.

I’m getting the impression the development team is somewhat out of touch with how troops are actually being used by players.

To be fair, I believe Tauraeus is technically a good troop, he just doesn’t do anything that other troops couldn’t do better. For farming, Phoenicia wins out. For buffed damage, Gaard’s Avatar (and some lower rarity troops) win out. For restricted events (e.g. Tauros only), Ketras wins out. For team disruption, King Minos wins out.

I guess his main issue is that he is competing with two mythics in Wild Plains he will always look bad against. If I wanted a damage dealer in the front row I’d pick Lord of Slaughter, if I wanted a damage dealer in the back row I’d pick Ketras the Bull. And if I somehow really wanted team disruption I’d pick the legendary King Minos and get 50% mana for Tauros into the deal.

I also don’t really know how to improve Tauraeus. Slightly bumping up the boost factor might help. It’s a tricky balance issue, too much of a boost and Phoenicia is suddenly out of a job. Maybe he should just boost off attack, at a significant rate, that would have synergies with his third trait. Would kill some of the flavor though, other Tauros also boost off Attack+Health+Defense.


That’s because no one there seriously plays the game.

On paper they might have it right but the reality is different.

Let me add to what you’ve described. All these troops are unboosted and didn’t get hit by anything.

Let’s pretend there were 4 enemies and they were high-level.

  • Gaard unboosted does 95 damage to all enemies. Total damage: 380

  • Tauraeus unboosted does 61 damage to all enemies (that’s 34 less). Total damage: 244

  • Ketras does 185 to one enemy, 92 to the adjacent 2. Total damage if hitting a troop with 2 adjacent troops): 369

Total damage if hitting a troop with only one adjacent enemy: 277 (still higher than Tauraeus)

Total damage if hitting only one troop: 185

Now say the one troop that is left has exactly 185 armor and life each.

Times needed fill up Ketras to kill the enemy with his spell: 2

Times needed to fill up Tauraeus to kill the same enemy: 6

Now that isn’t a totally fair comparison, of course, but why other than to instantly kill of a whole team would anyone use Tauraeus?

And why if going for that would anyone prefer Tauraeus over Phoenicia who has the same colors and mana cost but does at least 80 damage if there is a red storm, not even considering the boost she gets from gems and burning enemies?

And we didn’t even bring up any of the mythics that are meh but still better like Ishtara who can at least loop.

Players don’t want to boost their troops for several rounds in order to be able to half kill 4 troops.

This is a weak troop. Not even his traits are good.

Please tell the team they got it wrong, and their thoughts behind the troop don’t live up to the reality of your players and how the game is played. @Jeto


@Jeto I am starting to wonder were the empathy has gotten. The ones that create these troops for the playerbase, I just wish by the very minor that they could turn the situation around and think a little how they would react if Mythics like these was created to them if they were the players. These Mythics is just not good enough.


I feel the worst for the artists who must spend hours designing and making the troop artwork only to have no one ever use the troop or really appreciate it because the actual card is so unlikely to ever see any use.


@havok6669 There is bad feedback and there is good constructive feedback.

Something is wrong when good and constructive feedback get ignored time after time - especially when the feedback is based of the core of GoW players.


The sad part here is that the artist, the one person worth their $$$ and the one person showing some interest and pride in their work, is probably also the person getting one of the worst deals for their work here.


Just comparing the starting damage of the ‘Mythic’ and the lowest troop (arranged by base rarity) that’s matches the query “damage to all”.
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I’m really sorry you have to be the messenger, but Taureaus is a really bad troop. I went over the damage myself here: A New Mythic Approaches - Tauraeus - #17 by igniteice

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@Fourdottwoone is the magic on the troops cast still less than times 1 as it was prior to release?

It seems like a tremendous amount of effort was made to make sure this troop has a weak cast.

And my thoughts are, what is the fear in releasing a fun troop right now?

Afraid of guilds doing 6 digits worth of trophies and hundreds of LT’s a week?..oh wait.

If the game insists on being pay to have a complete troop collection. Perhaps more thought can be put into making the troops more fun? :person_shrugging:

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Base damage is 0.75 x Magic, that’s 26 base damage at 34 Magic. It’s sort of compensated by the boost from the other stats.

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This is the first campaign I’ve seriously considered not buying the $10 campaign pass, most of the campaign passes are “free” for me because I use google play credits that I’ve accumulated (google survey rewards pays a lot!)

But Sparkinator is somehow worse than Tauraeus. That is hard to do. Despite that, I also want to have Sparkinator and the new tarot troop just to level up the kingdoms for the sake of staying on curve. If I don’t buy the pass, how long will it realistically take me to get both of them? Probably quite a few months… I’d have to wait for Sparky to appear in the forge at least.

That leads me to two points:

  1. The devs have released a REALLY bad troop here, but at least it’s one that can be obtained through keys, guaranteed with enough of them (and it was really cheap for me this time around – only 80 guild keys)
  2. The mythic coming out in the campaign is EVEN WORSE. And that one I cannot get just through sheer brute force.
  3. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that, okay, there are going to be troops like Tauraeus that are bad, but at least the campaign troops make up for it? Apparently not.
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I am not trying to say the Sparkinator is a good troop. Ultimately he is a weaker Gorgotha, because of less skull reduction, the inability to cleanse itself, and of course the safer mana generation.

That being said The sparkinator is not as bad as Tauraeus. Tauraeus is a mythic damage dealer with no board control, bad traits and horrible boost ratio. Sparkinator is a tank. The real question on his viability is the percentage chance he sets off his bombs. If it is 50/50…then yes he is the worst mythic in the game because he will be a tank that gives the other team just as much mana as your own.

But if his chance to proc his full board clear is high…like over 80 percent…then you need to look at him as an ok tank. Again, he can be stunned and has no cleanse, but his spell actually will add on average 200 armor every time he cast (until the other team no longer has armor) With the 25 percent skull and spell reduction that is a solid frontline tank that offsets teams that strip traits (stun) or bypass your normal tanks skull reduction. So having a tank that not only strips 200 armor from the enemy team but also adds it to himself is not horrible.

Again ultimately the viability of this troop will be based on that proc chance to clear the board. Against a team with no destroy or explode, the chance to backfire is not even as bad. My bottom line is if he procs his own bombs 80% of the time I would rate him a C- as a mythic(and a weaker gloom leaf) compared to an F on the troop this week.

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Campaign pass targets completionists. The troops it provides thus cannot realistically unbalance the community. Many players simply cannot afford it, others recognise the poor return on their investment because none of the revenue is used to fix longstanding issues. More bugs every update (and in between), appalling server performance etc. Not value for money in any regard. If the game wasn’t becoming more and more broken I would contribute cash when I saw commitment to correcting such issues. That doesn’t look like it will ever happen.

I have not bought the campaign passes so far but the value for the money is not bad you do get the pets and mythic and tarot sure but the books and everything you get as well is not bad value especially when compared to the other offers.

if you wanted to support the game, the campaign pass is the only thing worth spending money on (outside the 20 dollar armor)

That being said I fully understand skipping this one…

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Sparkinator can only steal as much armor as the enemy team has, and once that armor is gone, there is no way for him to gain armor from his ability.

Champion of Gaard: creates gems, gains armor. 60% skull reduction. Tank.
Leonis Tower: invulnerable, 50% skull reduction, gains barrier. Tank.
Stonehammer: creates gems, gains life, has Fortitude, 80% skull reduction. Massive tank.

The list goes on. Gorgotha, Silent Sentinel, Bone Golem, etc.

Sparkinator steals Armor. He doesn’t generate it with his ability. Much like Gloom Leaf. Gloom Leaf also steals armor AND attack. Gloom Leaf is just a Legendary, BUT he’s also Impervious.

Sparkinator? Only 25% skull and spell damage reduction. He can only gain 8 armor when matching red gems. Unless he’s looping those gems, he’s not gaining much.

As for creating bomb gems and exploding them… The board has 64 gems. 10 of them will become bombs. He explodes a random gem. Explosions are 3x3. So that explosion is hitting less than 14% of the board. And I say less than because if the explosion is any of the outside gems, it’s losing half its explosion coverage.

10 out of 64 is 15% of the gems. He will explode 14% of the gems. He just needs to hit one. Of course… some bombs could be RIGHT next to each other. They aren’t always going to be perfectly spaced so that each one maximizes the coverage of a random gem being exploded.

So yeah… trash.

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Its not value for money unless it is reinvested to some degree in fixing things, no matter how nice and shiny the little trinkets are. Campaign pass has 4 imp deeds that i could really use but i wont invest in bad performance that will seemingly never be addressed. All the shiny things in the world won’t be of much value in a game that is constantly degrading. I dont even have blue armour. Players will continue to collect and pay money to do so despite this. Fair play…they loyally support the game (while boosting trinkets) month after month knowing full well that the bug they reported or the ticket they submitted last year remains ignored.

I wish I got $10 a month from Google Surveys! I only get them rarely though :sob:

They being stingy for mythics like this and Sparkinator as if making them just barely usable will break the game.
Meanwhile Centragon.

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