A New Mythic Approaches - Cantur

Originally published at: A New Mythic Approaches – Cantur – Gems of War

New Mythic Troop: Cantur Cantur will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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Yay more ingot offers because I refuse to pay for weapons I’ll never use with teams.

Useless kingdom offers don’t only harass the free to play (which is intended.)
But also those who spend real money on the game. Which drives those players to spend less because what are we paying for? Your company is more likely to break what doesn’t need to be fixed. Rather than fix what is clearly broken.

Receiving the Mythic should be a joyful experience. Ruined by the lack of care for a poorly designed feature. That despite knowing how broken it is. Nothing is being done to fix it …3+ years after first reported.


Having tried Cantur, I can confidently say I still don’t think this troop is very good.

The boost ratio gives it a stronger damage output than expected, with it easily getting a bonus of 30-45 (or more) true damage with some setup. But, it still only hits 2 targets, so you’re doing slightly less overall damage than a damage to all enemies troop for late game players.

Troops I would use over Cantur: Arachnaean Weaver, Fenix, TINA-9000, The Gray King, The Scourge of Honor, Shoggorath, Tesla, Venoxia etc…

So then with the Boost ratio, it should be good with newer players right? … It could be, but the 24 mana cost is a trap. The newer player would be better off with a faster troop like a Yao Guai or Tesla. But if they’re new, they have to use what they get. shrug


50k seals, 100k glory and 1000 gem keys to get one copy. :unamused:

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I was quite lucky with my 35.000 seals then. All I had. :thinking:

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38k guild seals, 110k glory wings, 1k glory keys, 800 gem keys, I’m down to 5k glory wings and 0 of everything else and came out empty handed.

I thought my odds were ridiculous, but 50k guild seals is just beyond ridiculous.


Lucked out and 500 Gem Keys got me two copies.

To paraphrase/summarize what I said in the Spoilers thread when the original idea came out? This guy is neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring. It doesn’t really do enough damage to be competitive with some of the highest-end damage dealers, the boost ratio is okay-ish but nothing amazing, and it doesn’t get enough from its first two traits to make a viable tank.

It’s not as awful as some of the other mythics and high-rarity troops that have come out recently, but that’s neither a tall bar to surmount nor is this praiseworthy.

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Great breakdown. At least we’re almost done with the awful Zodiac mythic cycle.

(PS: No Mythic Capricorn troop? Not that I’d ask for more of these, given how awful they’ve mostly been, but seems like a strange omission.)

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Every weapon I own is fully upgraded. I still get those ingot offers, so I don’t think those things are connected.

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If you have kingdoms like the one in my SS then that’s why you’re getting ingot offers despite all your owned weapons being maxed out.

And that’s exactly the issue here.

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I see, so you’re not actually getting the weapons at all, it’s not just that you’re not upgrading them. Yeah, that is not ideal design.


6 days later…



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