A New Mythic Approaches - Tauraeus

New Mythic Troop: Tauraeus

Tauraeus will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

Is this an april fools joke? what a disappointment.


In a game where Ketras has existed for YEARS at 2:1 boost ratio for a targeted splash spell and at this point is just kind of “okay”, and submerge exists as counterplay… why do we have something that scales THIS pitifully?

Someone made a decision that even 1:1 magic scaling was too much?


Posted about this already in other threads but in a world where row and Gaards avatar exist how is this troop even here? I honestly thought it would have a 5 to 1 boost…and even then Gaards would easily out damage it…but at least it would not be so bad it instantly goes to the mythic graveyard.

Please think about boosting it to 5 to 1…


For visual reference, for players who may not own the troop, or devs who may not understand/play the game: the contrast with the stats required to achieve a similar boost with Gaard Avatar
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Someone should make a bug report thread because obviously… especially after the mistake made on the hoard mythic… obviously they typed the wrong boost …and it should be 4 to1 or 5 to 1…since no one designing a mythic would think that was right…no one that knows math or has a calculator would think 10 to 1 is right


Ye old bait & switch, boost edition. Show a decent boost ratio in preview, then nerf to oblivion when released. Disappointed, but not surprised.

They dropped this new Mythic on April’s Fool, what we expect ? It’s clearly a joke. That’s it.


The boost ratio was always hinted at 10 to 1 when it finally showed the boost…the excitement was before they listed the boost…you can see in the spoilers thread us talking about it.


I mean it sure feels like it. How shocked would everyone be if they said “April fools!” and then switched the boost to 3 to 1…

The devs have never showed any other boost ratio appearing on Taran’s for this mythic other than the 1:10 when it was finally revealed a few days ago, so this is just not true. It’s one thing to be disappointed at how mediocre the troop is (which I definitely am), it’s another thing to push a narrative that we’re being somehow lied to, which they absolutely did not.

Taran’s is always subject to change prior to release, and it isn’t an official information source from IP2, though it’s super helpful to the community at large. So, even if it did change, which it never did, then it’s the devs tweaking things on the backend prior to final release.


At this point it is too much to hope they will buff this troop. We do not need every new mythic to be amazing, or you will just have an endless loop of top 10s…but I just don’t see the point in at least trying to make new mythics useable in events with restrictions. How would making this troop hit for 75% as hard as Row or Gaards a bad thing?


A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I spent some of my college years as an admin/builder for an ancestor of the MMORPG. (It was the mid 1990s, and the “ancestor” was the text-based and often-laggy Multi User Dungeon.)

One of the things I learned from that experience is that game balance as it applies to new content is an impossible task. Not just because of the explanation that “you can’t please everybody” – heck, you could seldom please even a plurality of the player base – but because there’s also no “happy medium” for doing so. There’s one set of problems if you have a vicious spiral of gradually dwindling content power, there’s a different set of problems if you have a virtuous spiral of gradually increasing content power, and there’s a third different set of issues if you somehow manage to keep content power around the same level for a lengthy period of time.

I would like to see fewer useless troops released. I would like to see fewer copycat troops released. But I also understand how the developers have to try and do some sort of balancing act and their decisions as to what needs priority are clearly different from mine. Or from a great many of us who post in these spaces.

I would have liked Tauraeus’ spell to be stronger, to have a higher boost ratio as to make him somewhat viable as a Ketras alternative. To enable Tauraeus to be substituted into a lot of teams as a way of giving the player a choice as to what to use, or a way around certain defenses – Submerge will thwart what Tauraeus does; Stealthy can hinder Ketras.

But I’ve come to expect things as they presently are. That most troops are simply filler and fodder for kingdom stars and for those of us who like to craft strange teams every so often to give others a break from the handful of paradigms presently in play. Even if we get an occasional troop like Centuragon that synergizes in ways the developers and playtesters likely did not anticipate.


Kezef you have a grasp of it completely. Balance requires a lot of work, and the decision seems to have been to only release 3 or 4 useable troops a year to not upset the balance, and every other release is just filler to hook those that have to collect everything.

The thing is, even if that is your plan (and no matter what anyone says that is their plan) you have to look at a troop like this and wonder on the 10 to 1 boost. Even if they lowered the base damage (like Gaard) and increased the boost it would make more sense. But they released a troop whos boost is so bad no one will use it. The only thing that might have value is moving the first troop to the back, but if the rest of the troop is so bad why use it? There are other troops that mess up the enemy team that have more value than this “Mythic” If the spell did half magic damage boosted by attack life and armor with a 4 to 1 ratio it would not upset the balance at all, and would still hit less than Row or Gaard, but at least you could use it in some events and feel it has value. They went so hard on the low boost value it makes you wonder if it really was a mistake on their part…or if they said “Hey we need a troop real fast for April, just throw something up and make sure it is not strong so we don’t have to worry about balance”


I suspect it’s rather the other way around, they release 3 or 4 unintentionally overpowered troops each year. If those didn’t exist, the others like Tauraeus would actually be pretty well balanced. That’s a dangerous road to travel down though, there’s two ways to achieve balance, buffing hundreds of average troops to overpowered levels or nerfing a few overpowered troops to average levels. One of those two ways is significantly less effort.


  • 234 damage to single enemy troop
  • 117 to adjacent enemy troops
  • 468 damage total

  • 64 damage to each enemy
  • 256 damage total
  • 212 less damage against 4 enemy troops
  • 192 damage against 3 enemy troops
  • 276 less damage against 3 enemy troops
  • 170 less damage against a single enemy troop

There is no scenario in which this troop should ever be used in place of Ketras the Bull. It gets weaker the less enemies there are, and even when there are four enemy troops, it still is weaker.

Ketras gains 2 attack/armor/life on every red match. Because his boost is 2:1, this is a pretty significant gain over time (each red match gives him an additional 3 damage to the main target, and 1.5 to adjacent targets).

Tauraeus on the other hand gives 4 Attack to all allies when matching red gems. This actually gives Ketras another 2 main target damage and 1 more damage to adjacent targets. But for himself? 4 Attack isn’t even HALF of 1 damage:

120 Attack = 12 Bonus damage to all enemies.
124 Attack = 12.4 Bonus damage to all enemies.
128 Attack = 12.8 Bonus damage
134 Attack = 13.4

That’s four turns just to gain an extra 1 damage to all enemies.


And then this baddies comes next month. Speaking of balance through the mythic troops

We know that we cant have always a powerful mythic, one that synergize with a lot of scenario, and so on… But a little tweak on boost ratio is only that we askin.

I mean Gemini is another bad troop but you could use it in pvp on the right team…Tauraeus is just bad period…I laughed so hard watching Tacet and Sinny using the troop in pvp and explore 12 on youtube…

again this has to be an april fools joke, and tonight we will all be in for a surprise when then buff the boost ratio…

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Gemini is pretty good. You deal true damage to them, STEAL it, and then do another 6 damage to them on their turn through bleed.

Compare that to Suna who also steals Magic+3 life from the 2 weakest enemies. She then steals 8 magic from the two strongest enemies. They do different things. Suna is pretty powerful and steals an increasing amount of health (while weakening the strongest enemies if they use magic). Gemini costs more mana, but also curses them.

Suna is immune to Burning and Faerie Fire. Gemini is immune to Poison, Disease, Lycan, and Death Mark. Gemini also gives a massive 8 life to all purple enemies when matching purple gems. That will add up fast. Suna kills things faster though (because her next cast does Magic+3+16) and she can faerie fire random enemies when matching red gems.

However… there’s more to the story.

Gemini is an Undead Mystic. And The Gray King is also a Mythic from Ghulvania that is purple and gives Undead Allies 2 Armor+Magic on 4+ matches, so they boost each other.

But because Gemini is a mystic, you could also use her in a purple Mystic team with troops like Will of Nysha, Medea, and Queen Titania, using the Mystic hero class.


Okay, devs, you got us. April Fool’s.

I laughed hard at how bad this troop is.

You can fix the base and boost ratios now.

And if that wasn’t a joke then you guys should find someone who actually knows how to play your own game.