A New Mythic Approaches - Tauraeus

Maybe we will get a troop that has a spell which boosts the boost ratio.

Exactly is quite good! I totally agree.
Maybe i gave the opposite sensation how i wrote.
“Baddies” for bad 455 , lol
Tauraeus is not.
Rollercoaster of mythic powers every month

I know what happened!

Remember that at first this troop was “Tauros” in spoilers? But a Tauros troop already existed so they change the name to Tauraeus.

Now Tauros has a 10:1 boost ratio as a common (I think) troop.

After the name confusion, the Tauros boost ratio got mistakenly applied to Tauraeus which at some point was also called Tauros.

That’s it, right?

That or the April Fool’s…

@Kafka @Jeto @OminousGMan Would you please check that? Because as of right now, that’s a really extremely bad mythic, and I hope it was an accident.


I stand by my gut feeling this troop is not good. The combo with Gray King is interesting, especially for GW, but I just don’t see it falling into pvp meta, and of course explore 12 it can’t compete with instant kill teams or looping teams. That leaves one game mode on one day where it might get used. Even Suna is better, and she is far from a top mythic without board control (like the better legendary Yao Guai) or the ability to oneshot enemies. But we will have to wait and see when it comes out.

That being said, it shines like a golden sun compared to this months mythic.

Or intended.

Wouldn’t be a surprise in the light of recent Hoard Mimic traits mix-up.


in all seriousness: adress that to devs/mod managers


It’s crap, but at least it only cost me 3 lots of Guild Chest openings… :no_good_man:

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At that point you’re better off using Draakulis in a majority of cases. Even if submerge is up on the opponents troops, you’re better off using The Gray King to cover for it.

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I added a tag. Let’s hope it was just a mix up because a mythic should be better than that.

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Nothing like pumping three rounds of bonus health…armor…attack into a troop only for it’s attack to feel like a weak fart…they need to take that funny sound the rabbit and other small troops make when they die in the game…that pffft sound…and have it play when you cast this new mythics spell


Oh gosh this is so funny i can really see who it fits XD

The part that gets forgotten a lot is that these new Mythics are sold in Path to Glory II/Path to Power II. A dud mythic every now and then is manageable, but when every mythic is underwhelming digital garbage, I start to feel very bad for the new players that spend money trying to get started in Gems of War.

Imagine starting Gems of War and your first Mythic is Tauraeus. If the boost ratio doesnt kill this mythic for new players, then certainly the 0.75 magic damage would.

Every mythic should come out with a base level of viable use, if they’re going to continue sell these things for money.

I won’t be the one to encourage the devs to treat new Mythics like a slot machine. Oh, the mythic you bought was useless, try again and buy more!


Agreed. Many players look forward to the monthly mythic (or used to) but its all becoming a bit stale. I understand that from a creative aspect, spells/damage etc are limited but a mythic of any description should be worth the key or money investment and thus needs more ingenuity. Lately the attitude seems to be “we know its trash but it will do because folks are gonna want it for kingdom progression or FOMO”. The only recent mythic I use regularly is piscea in L12 explore. The dbl devour never fails to please and the attack boost is a nice touch. God knows what lies in store for my starsign related mythic but the odds of it being any good seem slim. Not good enough and very poor value tbh.

I wonder myself when the next S tier top 10 mythic will be released… of all the mythics the last year or 2…are any solid in everyone’s top ten mythic list? Outside ironhawk which is more for speed not pure power

If you recall there was a similar issue with Consort of Darkness when first released. They had named its trait “Dark Hunger” in the chaos tree there is a talent with the same name which is supposed to steal 1 life from the first enemy when matching purple gems. Consorts trait steals 6 life from the first enemy when matching purple gems. When first released it caused the talent to also steal 6 life when matching purple gems as they shared the same name. Later when the trait was changed to “Darkest Hunger” they fixed it. I also have a strong feeling you are correct that when they had it share the same name with the common troop with the 10:1 boost ratio and then changed its name they had not realized they had gotten stuck with its boost ratio and a simple look at things will have them revert it to an intended ratio that makes sense.

The problem is I feel like many times they miss these issues because there are the same 5 to 10 people who go ballistic on every little issue…it would be nice if we had a post saying that the boost ratio is correct …and they wanted the troop to be epic level quailty…or they are going to look into it…

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Yeah for sure their lack of communication on if it was a mistake as some of us suspect or if it is just terrible on purpose as others suggest. All we can do is speculate because they have a habit of staying quiet about most issues for quite awhile.

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A lot of discussion on this but I couldn’t see an actual non-sarcastic bug report on this one so I’ve posted one. You never know!


Hey all,

I will link this response into the other threads that have popped up about Tauraeus.

Tauraeus’ Spell is intended to have a 10:1 ratio, also followed this up with the development team for any further information that we can share.

Ketras the Bull has been mentioned as a comparison as it has a 2:1 ratio. Something to consider with this specific example is Ketras’ spell applies splash damage (boosted by Life, Attack and Armor).
So while it applies the full 2:1 boosted damage to the initial targetted enemy, it then applies half damage to any potential targets available (above and below due to the splash damage effect).
Another comparison that has been made is Gaard’s Avatar which also has a 2:1 boost ratio, applied to all enemy troops but this is only boosted by Armor.

Whereas Tauraeus’ spell will deal the total damage to all enemy Troops and is boosted by all 3 stats being Life, Attack and Armor.

The combination of how the damage is boosted as well as the damage to all enemies is why it has a different boost ratio in comparison to other Troops that appear to have a similar spell.

Hopefully, this provides some insight into Taureaus’ design.

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