A New Mythic Approaches - Ketras The Bull

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New Mythic Troop: Ketras The Bull

In times of great need, the Soothsayers of the WIld Plains can summon the might Ancestral Spirit of Ketras the Bull to lend them aid.

Ketras appears as a mighty winged bull, wielding an axe as large as a Tauros Chieftain. It is said that with every swing of his axe, he can sweep aside a dozen lesser foes.

Please note this Troop is currently only available to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Quick question, does he really give you wings?

Loving the artwork!


There’s a well-known energy drink that apparently does that. Not sure why it’s relevant to this troop though…

Other energy drinks are also available…

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Well he’s not a monster so…:wink:

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Sound like he should do AoE damage then…


Those every drinks have more carbs/sugar than most Sunday lunches and pudding included. They’ll make you fat and give you type 2 diabetes!
Oh, cool mythic! The artwork is lovely. I hope he doesn’t use another troop’s sound effect. There’s too many doing that now I think.

“gives you wings” - i cant believe he has no flying :sweat_smile:

Okay, got one. Actually two.

Tried it: yeah it’s kinda strong. But can’t see a reason to use him over Gard’s Avatar. Spell is the same cost…

After a little Alchemist/Cat looping, I got:

  • Ketras: 24 mana, deal c. 80 damage to one enemies
  • Gard: 24 mana, deal c. 50 damage to all enemies

Ketras might be preferable for eliminating that pesky BoneDragon… but overall is gonna be slower…

Also: the art rocks, but looks way more daemon than divine… bat wings? daemon runes? glowing red axe?


its an evil deity :sob: but i totally agree, id at least like to see some golden ring jewelry, prayer talismans, ribbons or something like that to show more divinity :sweat_smile:
(there is no single thing that would show its divinity in comparison to tone of signs of its demonic nature xD )

i foresee a mana cost lessening buff :stuck_out_tongue:


Might be that in the plans they wanted him to be a daemon, but the game already have unlimited with daemons already, thats why he might have got divine.

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He doesn’t fly, he makes you fly.


That’d help. The other kinda-comparable single shot nuke Mythic is Famine, who can deal similar damage (situationally) for only 20 mana and reset all enemies mana…

Devs will of course define that divine means ‘supernatural’ / ‘spiritual’ / ‘unearthly’ etc rather than strictly ‘holy’ / ‘angelic’…[quote=“yonizaf, post:13, topic:20765”]
He doesn’t fly, he makes you fly.

He does, though, appear to be equipped with wings of his own… decorative, I assume…


There is no ratio mentioned in the description. I assume it does not hit for 107 from the getgo. I fear someone might get all excited reading the description and spend loads of resources only to find it doesn’t do what it says on the can :scream:

i get that but imm upset that there will be no strictly holy/angelic fraction in the game then… :sob:

there is enough of “evil” fractions already, they could have kept at least divine “pure” good :cry:

3:1 ratio. It should have been 2:1 if you ask me. :slight_smile: For 24 manas he should at least be able to kill an enemy troop.


Nobody said these wings are even connected to him. Possibly he just carries them around on his back, in order to give them to you before he uses his axe to make you fly.


Clutching… straws…

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: that have crossed my mind but how is that divine not a daemonic idea/behaviour ? :laughing:

also divine is suppose to be much closer to perfection then daemons, lack of working wings and other handicapps suit daemons or fallen angels much more then the actual deities, but i guess depends on the culture…

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