A New Mythic Approaches - Ketras The Bull

What straw? It’s clearly stated in the flavour text.

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These wings do not fit the troop:

  1. they are misaligned horizontally, they should be more on the left
  2. the troop’s upper part is oriented on the right but not the wings…
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haha yes, if we imagine they are both attatched to his belt that goes through his left shoulder to right waist then it would make more sense, then the @yonizaf 's theory is right :sweat_smile:

i wonder did they do it on purpose to make us debate…

Okay, maybe its a SHIELD in shape of two-wings that he just carry by his left arm? - giving us wings would make more sense then :laughing:

Archon Statue is one example of a divine with wings who clearly can’t fly (beside the many divines with no wings at all).

But more seriously, you can’t assume inability to fly from just the lack of a Flying trait, or else you’d have to say the same for most of the other winged Divines (only one has Flying) and even Dragons (only 2 have it).

These would probably be considered Divine in the game as well. I mean, look at Bastite Priestess, she’s been degraded to Monster yet still kept her Divine status.

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i know thats why i created a feature request for more holy/good fraction

this one certainly is not so pure anymore :sob:

How I’ve missed the euphoria or getting the new mythic only to be dowsed in shame upon realising I can’t trait it.


And now you have a new goal. My life is so hollow by comparison…

traiting it is followed up by a goal to make a working team with it and testing it on 3 trophy pvp fights, you can do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Something to keep in mind about divinity is that one’s perspective of it depends on the individual/group.

To the Tauros, a race of might and honor, it makes perfect sense to view Ketras as their god.
Simply because he’s the first to suggest war at the Gods council meetings or the only one to threaten to behead the opposition after losing a game of poker, doesn’t make him any less worshiped or revered.

It just makes him a little… bull-headed.


Its an allegory, because he destroys your resources and you dont get it :smile:

Woohoo! I finally get a mythic when released. :boom:


:cry: :sob: :angry:

Dont you like us “beta testing the troop”?. .


I have a pocketful of gems and nothing to buy :frowning: I was hoping we’d be on release parity since we are on the same patch level finally.

What great art. He looks so badass.

Plus I love the name :smile:


Some of the best artwork yet! And his spell looks more dangerous than Wulfgarok and even the Apocalypse troops. What’s the boost ratio on Ketras anyway?
I do however see one flaw with this troop, based on the artwork he looks more Daemon than Divine, shouldn’t Ketras be considered a Tauros/Daemon troop instead?

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@ColonielZoland88, 3:1

Not bad I guess, we don’t wanna make him too powerful (cough cough Famine).

I hope the devs will make him 2:1


Beg to differ there. Wulfgarok is situational, sure, but Ketras can never kill two at once while devouring one of them…

(of course I still want him!)