A New Mythic Approaches - Eye of Arges

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New Mythic Troop: Eye of Arges Eye of Arges will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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Artwork is missing, again. On IOS.

Getting fed up with this now after this campaign which I’ve paid for I’m leaving

4000 gem keys, 15000 glory keys, no mythic. The chance for that happening is… unlikely. Is there really everything “working as intended” or is this possibly some new bug that breaks chests for some accounts?


For the first time in awhile, I have nothing negative to say about a new monthly mythic. Sure, random damage isn’t ideal, but overall the full package is solid without being over powered… Immune to Stun protecting the 3rd trait at a bare minimum is a nice touch. (immunity to Sister Superior is a slight upside)

Where to use this troop is a different story I can worry about a different day.

That being said, I found out how horrifically awful The Onyx Giant’s 3rd trait actually is, leading to getting double skull hit by the enemy for spawning in those 2 Uber Doomskulls. Really needs a rework…

Since I started playing, I’ve got seven mythics from chests - two of those were doubles (not from mythic week), and two are useless. So I’d say working as intended. (For comparison, in that time I’ve crafted 4 dragons, Zuul and one of the boss wolves.)

Sounds about as “useful” as the lycanthropy gem voidcaller spawns, which not even he is immune to, lol.

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Today I expect to see all the Skull Wyrms replaced by this bad boy - same effect, bigger damage

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I don’t think so. Skulls can’t replace skulls. Doomskulls can.
So an Arges team is less likely to end up with a combo match than a Wyrm team.

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It’s more like a math exercise. Going by the published odds, the chance of all those keys not pulling a single mythic is tiny, well below 0.01%. Loot tables have been configured incorrectly several times in the past, and it’s always been treated as state secret when it happened. If there are other players that are currently experiencing the same next to impossible bad luck, this warrants further investigation by the community, because the 6.9 hotfix might have messed something up.

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I might be mistaken, but with a chance to draw no mythic from 4000 gem chests being 1,82% and a chance for no mythic from 15000 glory chests being 22,3%, the combined chance for this bad luck would be somewhere around 0,4%.

Anyhow, I was more lucky.

From the first 50 guild chests, I got one. I think you are just having mega bad luck - which is unfortunately a side effect of random stuff like this. It would be a lot better for player satisfaction and retention, if the % chance increased the more chests you open, and then resets once you find a mythic.


This might be an interesting approximation artifact. :thinking:

(999/1000) ^ 4096 = 0.21%
(9999/10000) ^ 16384 = 8.56%

As much as I know, chance to miss is slightly lower, so this would actually converge to 0 considerably faster. Number of trials is slightly lower, so this wouldn’t go quite as many steps towards converging to 0. Unfortunately I don’t have the means right now to plug in exact numbers, eyeballing it just gives a somewhat good idea about the magnitude.

Going by the lack of complaints I probably managed to pull the shortest straw, from a haystack the size of a small city. :unamused:

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Is my Windows calculator broken, or is the error on your end? I’m getting:
0,999 ^ 4096 = 1,67% and
0,9999 ^ 16384 = 19,4%
So even with those increased numbers, the combined chance is still at 0,32%.

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Something seems to be broken on my side, not sure yet if it’s the software or the user. :thinking:

Weird. I even calculated it several times, to make sure I didn’t fumble some entry, and it kept giving me those numbers. Looking closer, I don’t even see it could possibly have arrived at that result. Maybe I’m just getting old.

Thanks for checking. Not that knowing it’s actually just a 3 in 1000 incident makes me feel much happier. :joy:

Hey Four! I think they messed up and gave you my luck this month. More often than not, I have to wait and craft in the Soulforge later. Today I got it on my first pull of 200 Glory keys!!!

25k glory and 5k seals and didn’t get it. I know that’s a fraction of what others spend to get it. But I’m happy with the sheer number of Legendaries I pulled that I needed for where I’m at. Probably enough for 2 Kingdoms to go PL10. Still wanted a Mythic, though. I have lots of double Mythics from non-mythic events. I keep getting this Aquaria troop. Now have 4. 3 Pharos etc.

I wish this guy’s “Orc” trait was stronger than Orc Cunning, but whatever. You don’t have to go all the way to Gargantaur’s “Dark Fury” trait (+8 to Attack and Magic), but Orc Cunning is pretty lame for a mythic troop. Even one whose damage scales to Magic x2.

Not that I foresee using this guy in anything other than really casual teams, even if this change were made. But I suppose he’s not as outright awful as some of the other “mythic” troops we’ve seen in recent months and there is the possibility to use his spell to loop if the board sets up right for you.

But Artema might be a better troop, all things considered.

His spell is mediocre at best. His real strength is the third trait, which is a huge upgrade over The Great Wyrm.

Anyone get Silken Queen?

I pulled 2 from guild chests today so confirmed

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