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A message of *thank you* to some players

I enjoy GoW like most of you do, and all the players have a big role in making the game entertaining and fun.

I like to do PvP and I want to say a special thank you to all the players that with their fantasy, strategy and invention offer matches that are always enjoyable, now more then ever, also thanks to the variety and skills of the new troops.
Most of you guys are able to line up effective and original teams, making each match different and unique.

On the other side we have the meta teams in defense. I prefer not saying that it looks a little lame to me and I’ll go on mentioning that I met Nyx more than 200 times and lost only 5. A meta is good to tickle our brains, but it gets old quickly.

Keep on the good playing mates


This is how I say thank you for revenge fights.


What a gracious attitude :grin:


Must be the casual pvp bug still.


i prefer give people a good challenge, but i never use meta team, and when i see too many people copy my team i find another original team, but it’s only me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Er… yes what else

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I’d like to blow through pvp like explore, why not! We have challenge mode for a challenge.

I met your teams in Pvp @Rickygervais
Right, it’s the funniest thing, to think in terms of challenge rather than scrapping a few golds with a meta, IMHO


It’s simple, you only need to create a team and finish in top 10 pvp with more win then lost and you have a new meta

…and in give or take two weeks many will use it. Until the next one.

Yay love and support :raised_hands: