A little montage. Treevrjadka

Also, you may rate it in steam community center: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=856870544


So gud bruh!

That 3D part though! Le~mao

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10/10. Well done. Make more? :open_mouth:

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LOL that was hilarious. Shame gems isn’t exactly montage material.

Damn I’m such a nerd. Have yourself a like my friend.

I… don’t really know what I just watched. But it certainly made GoW seem exciting, if not a little bizarre.

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GR8 music, M8! I R8 8/8!!!

One of my frustrations with Reddit is that subs typically don’t do a good job of describing themselves, partially because Reddit doesn’t seem to provide a good way to do so. Users are expected to help cultivate content appropriate to the sub with their votes, but the only way to know is by browsing the sub and trying to pick it up through osmosis. This is presumably a normal human social skill, and definitely something I’m fundamentally not good at. I like things to be written down, in nice, unambiguous language.

But I guess now I know it’s a “thing”, rather than an isolated instance.

I know. It’s like how the old YTMND experience was. As long as you visited every day you were in the loop… If you take a break for two weeks, by the time you come back the running-jokes have morphed to the point they make no sense.

Sometimes that can happen in mere days on Reddit. If I miss a few I’m normally scrambling through the comments trying to find some kind soul to explain wth is going on. Lol

I’m not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t that. Amazing!