Gems of War Streamers And Content Creators

Hey everyone! I’ve been putting together a list of some of the Gems of War streamers I’ve found in my travels. What I want to know is, aside from the ones listed below, who are some of your favourites? And why do you like them in particular?

Hit me! Inundate me with links! If I ever catch people streaming Gems of War I always make sure to take a selfie with them to show support. Also, feel free to send me links to video content creators. If someone is making things I’d love to know about it. :slight_smile:

So, as promised, here is my list thus far:



Shizblacka (I swear I catch him playing Gems a fair bit, even if he has no saved videos.) (Makes Gems of War videos in Portugese.)

ForsakenM, one of our forum people is also making videos!


i never watched any twitch but Felicity found in here if he/she still does it? (i have no idea)

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Japangamer29 as well, Salty. He has a channel as well. I’ll link it here


Keep them coming everyone! :slight_smile:

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I did a few videos of GOW on my channel.


Only videos i made was to report bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Another one for you Salty!

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