A Joke which turned out to be a Lethal Joke (Little Story-time)

I was frustrated. Farming Explore Warlord IV was more a coin-flip rather a strategy fest. If the RNG didn’t have mercy on my soul then there was no chance to win a fight. This already began with the enemy team. 2 Legends in the same fight? Tough luck.

I was using Infernal King, Queen Mab, Valkyrie, Giant Spider for farming. But I had terrible luck one day and tried to look for solutions. I said to myself: “King, you’ve failed miserably. You now get replaced by a lowly Wraith. And Mab, you are cast back to your palace in the glacial wasteland. A avenging spirit inside a skeleton shall take your place.” It was replacement not because of strategy, but more because of frustration.

So my team was now Wraith, Revenant, Valkyrie, Giant Spider. And the results were… unexpected. Since that replace I’ve won every fight with that team… only because of Death Mark. Some matches started with me taking a skull and killing the first troop right away.

I’ve decided to try that team out in PVP. The results were similar and I’m acutally feeling a bit bad for relying on luck (actually I the wraith’s mana drain saves me also a few times)

I want to ask you: What do you think of Death Mark (Especially the trait Death Touch)? What do you think of this team?


Well, I think Impervious :slight_smile:. I use Behemoth in first slot of my most used PvP team, so that things like Death touch faze me not. Considering Mercy is also on that team it’s usually not a problem even with others being Death Marked.
Although when I used another team I lost 2 troops to Death’s spell - so yes, it can be troublesome in other line-ups.

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I’ve yet to encounter a first-slot Behemoth on defense. Impervious is generally no big deal, because I have enough strategies to offset that. Like stacking Arcane on Revenant and using Spider Swarms to shield him.

My thoughts are welcome to team commons.

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