Operation Death Mark

I’m using Hero Crypt Keeper on my PvP team and it was him and Dragonian Monk down to the wire against Celestasia. I Death Mark her at least 6 times and she still doesn’t die. That’s fine. It was a good battle. Ok. Who am I kidding? My feelings are kinda hurt. I thought that it would activate after hitting her with it 6 times. I guess not? Ok. Now it’s Q/A time.

Death Mark w/ CK has a 10% chance to die each turn. Does that chance go up with multiple death marks?

No, each time you death mark, it replaces the previous death mark. It works the same for any status effect, so anything that has an increasing or cumulative chance to trigger or cleanse gets reset to zero every time you do it.

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I was wishing it multiplied to 60. It would of said it right. Wishful thinking.

The good thing is that it keeps resetting the cleanse percentage down to zero. That one is cumulative (+10%) per turn, if I remember correctly.


Bear in mind that when Deathmark regains a 1-turn grace period, in all likelihood, reapplications will reset not only the cleanse chance to 0% (good for the attacker) but will probably also reset the grace period (bad for the attacker).


I tried a team with wraith in the lead on the previous GW day… it absolutely got me nowhere. I don’t think a single card died to the DM.

Yet when I play against DM, it’s often 2 cards down the first turn.

It’s just all RNG… it either loves you, or hates you with a vengeance :wink:


I had a battle yesterday where I was down to a Valkyrie, Draakulis and Mercy vs a Death Knight I killed the Death Knight my Mercy was up and ready to clense but the very next turn Valk and Mercy both died. I have faced a few Wraiths this week and 8/10 the death mark kills instantly.

Yes, I’m adjusting my mindset to this.
I now expect it to happen, and am happy when it doesn’t :slight_smile:

My GW battle yesterday went from having them down to 1 card with 4 of mine all alive, including giant spider for summoning tanks, and 2 fully traited TDS, to wiping out totally in one turn, due to extreme luck on the AI part.

I didn’t get mad… I laughed. I had actually called it already, and told my wife watch this fight turn around, cause it’s going way to well.

I do believe this console behaviours is going to hit PC/Mobile players REALLY hard, as they have no clue what’s coming their way.


Good point. It should probably check for existing Deathmarks and only apply the grace period if there isn’t one around yet.