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Reminds me of when it was

Since I have started playing there have been – what I call the weeks of…

bone dragon

now it’s Mab (the last three pvp screens all were …)

and they were variations of
Kraken x2/Mab
Wisps x2/Mab

though I did see an unusual one - Frost lizards x2 / Mab


Maybe we should have glory for NOT doing Mab in defense :slight_smile: Though…then I have to change out my kraken x 2/Mab…

I still like this artwork

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Mab will die off next patch once impervious actually blocks her attack again.

This is basically pre mana shield Queen Mab right now, back when nothing had immunity to her.


@Tacet I think you are absolutely correct.

From my experience Mab is just there to freeze. What usually happens to me is both Wisps cast and with all the extra turns they refill themselves and then they cast again and after that it’s Krystenax that finishes everyone off.


Yes, but impervious would normally 100% counter everything she does, which naturally made her used a lot less.


I’m with @maxx. Mab is ubiquitous currently, for her freeze component. Her spell damage isn’t usually part of the win condition of those teams (Wisps+Nax, Troll+Kraken). Everyone knows that the current meta and RNG crap is so bad that the only way to reliably win is to take board control and keep the turn - and so everyone puts Mab into defence to stop you doing that… It’s getting very old…


The freeze was bearable before because an extra turn was rare. Now with cascades and wisps jumbles. And the kraken and troll teams produce like 3 to 5 extra turns. She always freezes.


It says ALOT about the current meta that when a Psion/Rag/Famine/Death team pops up I’m all:

YES! YES! YES! YES!!! :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heart_eyes: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I still dislike that team too… Psion/Famine x2 just is a no win.


I had that same thought the other day. I used to despise that team.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. :stuck_out_tongue:


Agree… sad, isn’t it…

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Mab is more even more OP now because of how meta teams are loop teams, everyone needs to use a mab in order to have a chance of stopping the madness.

I hate mab so much wish she was removed from the game I refuse to use her and she is all I see in about 95% of the console matches in the top 100 ranked PvP matches :frowning: I’m going to just skip PvP altogether soon and hope they give us some other options to play. I do beat her about 70% or more of the time as well its just so frustrating to always play the same troop over and over and over it’s ground hog day the game…

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You are going to be very happy if you fight me in GW on Saturday then.

That is still my most hated team of all time. Whenever it pops up in PVP I skip it I’d rather fight a 2x Wisp team.

I join the Mab hate club. Although I use her too, in offense, vs Goblin and Wisps teams. Not in defense.
I don’t see her as often as others in ranked pvp - but the other troops I get are the boring combinations nonetheless.
When I reach rank 1 I usually go casual and roll until I find something that does not bore me on first sight.

I’m thankful for pvp troop event weeks. Even when those troops are boosted I rather fight those.
Something else for a change.

I’d like to see freeze changed into something like this:

‘target is frozen until it takes damage’.

Or change the mechanics where freeze only affects the troop marked and not the colour.

Those two things would change freeze to still something threatening but you can work around it, you can tactically still play on and search for a solution. Now, in GW if you’re frozen on the colour of your day, your looping team becomes useless.