A handfull of features i would like added

Use power orbs on pets to max them

Better epic guild task rewards - such as brown giving curse runes (even if its just 5 for L12)

Palooza timer in the new dropdown menu

Allow pay to play old campaigns along side current (no stats just rewards)

Play X amount of treasure maps for a multiplier for rewards, eg 10 maps for x2 or 50 maps for x5

Double click (pc) to cast spell. Rather than clicking the troop then moving to cast

thoughts on any of these?

Sorry but I would not use Power of Orb on any pet regardless on what bonuses it gives me.

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I would…what else am I going to use my 45 orbs of power on? Or the 40ish more I can make? At this moment pets are the bottleneck on my advancement…


if you have 45 power Orbs, then I may understand it.

Patch note ideas

There is a thread if you want to post your suggestions also here. Has a decent amount of people posting.