Orbs for Pets please

I would like the option to to use the current Orb system on pets just like any other troop in the game. Pet events are far and few between for my guild. Requiring Level 20 Pets to get from Kingdom Power 12 to 13 has stalled a few kingdoms for myself, The orbs are stacking up like all the other leveling resources for end game players.
Thanks for listening.


That would be nice!

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I’ve always been curious why we can’t use orbs on pets. I haven’t heard a dev speak on that issue yet.


While it would be nice, it would destroy the purpose of pet food completly, if you could sinply use a major orb of growth to level straight to 20.
Also, ascension orbs are far more common and easy to get that 5+ copies of a single pet.

So allowing orbs to be used on pets would pretty much kill the whole pet rescue system’s reason to exist; that’s why I don’t see it ever happening.

Pet food is the equilvalent to Souls, Green orbs didn’t destroy the soul system. Levels for pets are still hindered by the ascension level so you can’t go straight to level 20.


If you compare the ammount of troops out there to be leveled to 20, with the ammount of pets out there, you’ll see yourself that is not a good comparation. We can simply never earn enough orbs of growth to level up all troops, thus souls are always needed. We could absolutely earn enough orbs of growth to level up every pet tho.
Like we get a new pet every couple of weeks, and at least one major orb of growth every 3rd week (invasion reward), so is absolutely realistic to kill pet food with orbs. We get a couple of new troops every week tho, so no, it’s not realistic to kill souls with orbs.

As you suggested Let us use orbs generally talking, I take for granted that orbs of ascension are included. Would be a bit unlogical to enable just one type of orb, and almost surely it would be constat threads about enabling orbs of ascension. And obviously the devs couldn’t say no to ascension when they already said yes to growth🤷

Beleth your logic doesn’t make sense. Orbs are the limiting factor in this scenario. It’s up to the individual player to determine if it’s worth using orbs on pets over troops. If we are talking spectrum of the player base, early and mid game players would most likely use the orbs towards troops over pets anyway. End game players probably have a ton of excess pet food so growth orbs are a waste to use. With ascension orbs, again most players would choose troops over pets to use them on with maybe the exception of the 3 pets that give bonus gold, souls, and xp

Orbs are useless right now to me, 5 millions souls, my lowest Arcane traitstone is 191, 300 white food, I could get any pet to level 20, if needed. I am hindered by the way I can accrue pets, I can get troops with keys. 1 hour Windows are not ideal. I can’t stop my mail truck in the middle of the day to say “Oh look a Pet event. Let me sit here for 10 minutes to do this event that randomly popped up.” Asking for an alternate way to work on my pets is not going to break the current currency situation. I just got Darkstone to Power level 17. Why? I spent 4k gems (2800 on Ninja Cat, 1200 on trogpole) because getting Eye Pod to 20 is virtually impossible. Any Delve pet outside of an event is virtually impossible to get to 20. I like options. Give me the option to choose how I spend my resources.