Should pet orbs work on underworld pets?

A semi-random thought, that just crossed my mind. I’m not quite sure, if delve pets should be excluded from orb upgrades because of their very different way to gain them, or if it is especially important in their case.
Sure, most pet orbs will be used on event pets anyhow for quite a while, but what’s your thoughts on this?

[Edit: Changed the thread title, as the question, whether pet orbs do work on those pets at all is easily answered by checking the upgrade menu. They do.]


You can, like you said, the menu is there. But you need 2500 renown for power levels anyway, so it’s kinda a waste of a rare resource.


I’d advise against using them for this purpose. Underworld is easy enough to finish now with potions in daily delves, Upgrade a rare pet instead.