Additional features that could be added

Features needed in GoW

Use power orbs on pets to max them
Better epic guild task rewards - such as brown giving curse runes (even if its just 5 for L12)
Palooza timer in the new dropdown menu
Allow pay to play old campaigns along side current (no stats just rewards)
Play X amount of treasure maps for a multiplier for rewards, eg 10 maps for x2 or 50 maps for x5
Double click (pc) to cast spell. Rather than clicking the troop then moving to cast
Key gnome - drops all keys including vip
Pet gnomes in explore - cosmetic pets
Pets in soulforge - like anvil, in a cycle like mythics or for that weeks kingdom like weapons
Use dropdown menu for pinning campaign task or pinning a resource that is being farmed.

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Open multiple orbs of clans at once instead of clunkily having to do it one at a time could also be useful lol


People criticize the medal grind for adding Elite Medals to troops. How about:

  • Explore Mini Boss has a chance to drop 1 token (say, 10% * difficulty level?)
  • Explore Mythic Boss has a chance to drop 1 badge instead of usual tokens

Another feature I’d like to see is Arcane and Runic Traitstones removed from LTs Drop Table. Also the chances of fighting Mimics and Horde Mimics getting a significant buff, if anything for more tokens of Nysha.

Really second this. Regarding clan orbs there is really no RNG needed and it’s all simple multiplication math. Why is it so hard to do: 50 major clan orbs x 1500 = 75000 seals. Come on devs.

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Chat rework:

Here’s a few of my suggestions:

  • clickable links to approved sites (the forum, zendesk, TaransWorld, Gemologica, GowDB)

  • more basic emojis

  • emojis of the drop items in world events

  • Tagging of guild members which sends a dm to the member to tell them they were tagged in guild chat

  • ability to respond to chat post rather than trying to mention the op before responding

  • longer post limit


Speaking of medal grinding. Why don’t they just buff the token drops by 10x so we all have to play less. /s