A Few Suggestions

  • Removing Ascending text from World Chat (It really doesn’t matter to see this in Guild or World)

  • Push gaining a new mythic troop only to Guild Chat

  • Allow a give full requirement option to Guild War statues. So those who want to max all statues can do quickly.

  • Fixing A-Z listing for guild members (PS4) but also giving a ability to ascend or descend the list. (I personally dislike that lowest is shown first, then highest)

  • Restricting extra turns to a maximum of 3 turns per round. (3 is just an example, another value can be placed here instead)

  • Placing a buff cap on troops. Meaning once a troop has hit the maximum life/armor/attack/magic, a troop would no longer be able to gain in that stat.

  • Placing a restriction timer on players who leave a guild within 30 days. Which prevents them from joining another guild for 1 week. (Which hopefully will promote people to stay and give a guild they join a chance) (1 week was a example here some have taken it as a literal suggestion over a placeholder)

  • Allow guilds on PS4 (maybe other platforms) to have a higher guild member limit. Currently PS4 its 30. And raising it to 40.

  • Give a Guild Leader the ability to set co-Guild Leader rank.

  • Troops that can be leveled and troops that can be leveled & gain a trait should both be listed at the top. Currently one is listed at the top. The other is listed at the bottom. (So if you want to upgrade troops. You have to look at the front of the list and at the end.)

  • A option to disable letting you discard the very last number of any troop.

    Guild Leader Tool

  • Give Guild Leaders a log for the guild. Which will display date/time of any members leaving or joining.

  • Allow Guild Leaders the ability to set minimum requirements. And any member who has not met the requirement gets flagged. And based off the guild setting for removal. Will enact a removal unless the Guild Leader manually selects the flagged player, and clears it. This tool can be enabled or disabled based on what the Guild Leader wants.

** edit **

  • Give team AI the priority not only for gem color matching but prioritization based on troop as well.

  • Ability to see PvP score within the guild list.

  • Enable or disable guild members giving to guild statues over a general donation pot. Where by the guild leader can distribute funds into the statues they feel are needed. (Mostly for guilds who do not complete all tasks weekly) This used to be the case before, then they changed it to a donate wherever. So this option would enable a more classic method to donation or keep to the current donating scheme.

  • Only allowing 1 unique character to be added per team. IE so no Spirit Fox x4 teams or Famine x4 teams etc.

  • When 505 decides to add in-game mailing also removing seeing peoples PSN profile from the game. So all contact must be made via the game. And any PSN contact details must be given by the player.

  • Allowing for the ability to sister guilds, and generate a new channel for these guilds all to communicate on.

a lot of them i dislike, but these :+1: are good:

for some, i would agree on principle, but not the final numbers:

  • since developers are currently working on actually implementing hidden turn restriction anyway, i can accept the idea, but i think extra turn restriction should go closer to 5-6 turns, 3 is too little to have decent fun with it

  • penalising ppl for staying up to 30 days in a guild is waaaaaay too harsh, what if the person recruiting them lied/fooled them? what if the guild changed after they joined? and how about all the poor players who just started the game and joined random (usually pathetic) guild without knowing the consequences? i believe staying for 6 days is good and fair enough to dismiss any penalties.

edit: forgot to mention being kicked from guild - would that also penalise? :sweat_smile:

edit2: no i wasnt joking, i really think such penalty is too harsh. i dont want ppl being forced to suffer a guildless week penalty if they join bad guild, despite if they already sacrificed one+ week of play to stay in that useless guild


I agree with @Annaerith on everything except I don’t like the extra turn restrictions at all. A devoted true RNG supporter here.

Also everything @Annaerith said about switching guilds.

Btw, I’m a HUGE fan of seeing someone getting a natural mythic! That’s not spam! That’s useful information! Especially when doubts arise whether or not an X mythic in the pool.


It is currently restricted to 1k and honestly I don’t want that to go any lower. 1k is fun! :smiley:

It is 30 on PC/Mobile as well. And 30 is totally fine by me tbh.


I don’t like arbitrary restrictions like this one. If it’s my turn, I want to be able to complete it, not hand a carefully prepared board to my opponent. I’m okay with restricting the benefits of extra turns, like reducing mana gain or skull damage.

There is already one in place, I believe it’s 1000.

Just no. If players don’t want to stay within a guild, don’t try to force them by threatening to limit their game experience. Too many sticks, not enough carrots.

Quite interestingly, your suggestion could easily be worded the other way around, prevent guilds from occupying an empty spot for 1 week. Which, using your words, will hopefully promote guilds to give members more reasons to stay. Just saying, I wouldn’t like either side of the coin.

Rewards would obviously have to be scaled down significantly, so that the overall payout stays the same. I don’t really see the benefits, is this supposed to strengthen the top guilds who have it easier attracting members?


Yes usually all games have a cap but some have such high caps you will rarely if ever encounter them. I was meaning a cap more in the way that is more viable. Such as one that has a much lower limit so players hit it more often if they have super buffing type groups. Nothing mind you that’s too low that suffocates even having a buff troop in the mix. Rather one that is lower than currently set so they can not run wildly amok.

As for raising member limits many games have increased their guild member limits. Keeping to a set limit only promotes players feeling secure that things do not progress. There are already tons of guilds being formed and more I am sure daily. They all fill up rather decently or quickly. A few friends started guilds and are at the very low spectrum and they have a full lot. So do not see the reasoning that its meant for only top guilds. It helps any guild.

As for restrictions on joining and then leaving a guild, and some negative effects being applied. There are many games that use this practice, just because it is not used in GoW, does not make it bad. Some that apply negative effects for leaving a battle early. Though for guilds this would help prevent guild hoppers. Some people join multiple guilds through a week. While it may not seem bad to you (not sure on that end, only you could say). I do know many that find guild hoppers annoying. GoW could also employ some sort of benefit for staying longer within a guild. Just all ideas.

As for your comment on disliking a restriction on extra turns. What you talk about there is Diminishing Returns, and that’s a nice alternative to what I mentioned. And I like that as well. So I really like this alteration. Some use limiting some use Diminishing Returns. I guess it really depends on how the majority feel about limiting vs Diminishing Returns.

This is something that I also wanted ro address here in the forums. :smile:
I am currently playing on PS4, PC and Android and only the PS4 version of the game is sorting the filtered values in an ascending order. Would be great if there was another option at the top of the filter criteria which could additionally be toggled between ascending and descending which would be valid for all selectable values. This would be a nice improvement to all versions of the game, not only for the PS4, I guess. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I agree =)

And I said fixing A-Z (PS4) Because currently if you use that filter (I used it on my account and a friends). And it doesn’t show even remotely in the right order. IE it will do something like Q,K,N,Z. So this is hardly sorting properly right now. Not sure on other platforms just PS4 there.

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Being kicked from a guild from games that have this mechanic, as this isn’t something I came up randomly. Some games use it. It only applies if the actual member leaves, not if they are kicked. Hence why some people in those games will message the staff and ask to be kicked to avoid the penalty. Then again if the member does nothing or does not do the requirements they would most likely be kicked anyways. I know you meant it in a joking way. Though this was a suggestion to try and build staying longer with a guild, and avoid guild hopping.

As far as limitations to 3 turns per round, this was just a example or placeholder. Not a literal suggestion. As literal suggestions never get implemented for one reason or another. I have since updated the suggestion to also note it as just a example number. The suggestion for limiting turns per round is still applicable.

Personally I think there should be a better system in place for the trait stones. Perhaps have battles that are extra challenging to unlock better trait stones. For example if your teams power is in 4000s, you have to beat a team in the 6000s for runic and 8000s for arcane and 10000 for celestial trait stones. Or some variation of that, make it enough of a challenge that you aren’t guaranteed a win and will probably have to try several times. Perhaps set up the explore mode similar to the PVP, with an option for each trait stone level.

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I like this idea =) I have maybe one suggestion to it if its okay. You face a team along each tier, that rewards that specific item. and you must battle through each tier with a team you pick to try with. Without giving that team a fresh start. So if they can complete all the tiers they would be awarded a random arcane (which also might include a celestial). So more like a survival mode to earn better trait stones. Nothing like Arena where you must use a randomized team, which also refreshes each round. This would use a custom team, increasing difficulty, no refreshing team (survival mode). So completion of the top tier would be very hard. Not impossible just hard. For each tier you will still acquire the trait stone for that tier. So if you complete them all you’ll get a nice little assortment.

honestly, some of the guild suggestions a bit control freak leadership. could encourage “creative approach” among dissatisfied members attempting to get kicked for whatever reason.

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also imagine trying to actually recruit ppl, as if its not hard/time consuming already

doesnt seem like anything close to casual relaxed game

ps. @NekrosLucem i wasnt joking

how certain must you be to join a guild for one month - or would you prefer to risk/sacrifice one week gw reward?
and to all new players this system would be basically saying f… you.