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A fun counterargument

On these forums lately we have witnessed low-level players voicing their concerns about being bullied by the high-leveled players. Well, I want to provide a counterargument…

I’m being bullied too! Why can’t you guys/gals be worth the revenge battle? I don’t mind you coming and invading me, but at least make it worth it.

[This post is in no way geared to hurt feelings. Merely another perspective.]


Nothing worse than a poor invader…


Thank you for this important post to raise awareness. Premature Attack-Invasion affects many in Krystara. The struggle is real.


Real financial crisis up here lol.


Poor @Donboba he’s worth <500 gold! Even I would skip him!

-edit- OP has only 138k gold. So things must be really tight! lol


Lol I brake the bank everyday with guild tasks. I contribute a million a week. Making money isn’t that crucial for me.




Wait a minute–1,000,000 gold a week? What the ?? How the ?? WHO are you? Dr. Evil?

Now granted, my level is not that high, just over 500, but I have been putting gold into the guild treasury since 2014. I have put in about what it takes you to make in four weeks. Even more distressing is that I am not an F2P nub, VIP 10 here–thank you very much.

Now you see? This is why we can’t have nice things.

People are always telling me that I am paranoid and that my conspiracy theories are like a visit to crazy town. AND THEN STUFF LIKE THIS HAPPENS? A million a week? Hmm…

Well then, now who is laughing? A million gold a week. Now are you ready to listen?

It’s a well-known fact, that there’s a secret society of the five wealthiest people in the world, known as The Pentaverate, who run everything in the world–including the newspapers–and meet triannually in a secret country mansion in Whitehelm known as The Meadows.

That’s right, complete and total justification, right here on the GoW forums. Welcome to my world. Welcome to crazy town, my friends. Why am I a conspiracy theorist by nature? You can’t experience the Krystara peasant penal system and not be somewhat skeptical.

I am going back to my poverty stricken realm and leave you rich folks here to send signals into my brain.


There’s not enough aluminum foil in the world for you lol!


I donate about 350.000 but I’m a F2P.
Sorry for being a bully xD
Hey 486 is higher then it used to be, I’ll pass 500 soon :smiley:
But yeah i would skip my self too :slight_smile:


I love the game and I love my guild. The million is a personal goal of mine. It’s all about sharing the wealth, and having those around you enjoy it as well.


I read Robin Hood as a child and thought he was weird, so I rob from the poor and share with my rich guildies…