Steal gold from defeated players 💰💰💰

When you defeat a player PVP you should be able to steal other player’s gold. This will make PVP more exciting and enjoyable to challenge. Currently there is no punishment for losing except a bit of rank which no one cares for anyway. But if gold is lost then players will be more careful and want to do better defense. It will also stop the problem of 1 troop defense. I feel if you lose battle, you should be raided some gold. Please implement this next patch update.

Never gonna happen… And if it does i will quit playing permanently and immediately


Why ? Are you scared to lose some gold ?

When i read this stupid title, i instantly knew who opened the topic.


If you really want to play a realtime PVP, resource-stealing game, then perhaps you should play one. Play Gems and enjoy it for what it is, and if you want a fundamentally different game, find one of those too.


This USED to happen. They ended it more than a year ago, I think? Right around the time that battles became free, and they reworked gold rewards for PvP.


Sigh. So much uneducated response. I can only suppose those who object are new or weak players or from poverty guild scared to lose some precious gold. I come from top level guild on PC/mobile platform and my guild members agree this is good idea to inject some excitement into the game. Don’t be so scared cats !

Im not scared of anything thats just not the kind of game i wanna play


even that time “stealable” was only uncollected tribute, and not players regular gold stash

to steal from players regular stash is a horrible idea, may it rest in pieces, shredded uncoverably :sweat_smile:

@Tache cause:

  • it would turn non-stressful (outside of gw) game into an unfair and much more stressful game
  • would make “just do one game and back to reality” thing completely useless since that gold would be stolen when you are away, turning this game into casual-unfriendly
  • would force players who are leveling kingdoms to do a marathon of gathering whole gold amount to level up in one go, that is terrifying and srtressful and not many have time for that~! if they dont do the marathon they risk loosing gold in the process, and even when they do marathon they still loose gold in the process!
  • cannot anymore successfully save gold for next week tasks as they would shrink when you sleep
  • would introduce now useless feature of “gold bank” to hide players gold from abovementioned issues, which still wouldnt bring back the casual atmosphere the game holds for now

as if your “scared” argument was much more educated?
im not scared of loosing my precious gold, i am concerned about loosing extra time to farm that lost gold,
my precious time is worth much more then your excitement


Ive seen you mention your “high level guild” who all agree with your bad ideas several times now and i was just wondering… What guild are you in?


I understand your concern, but again I think you take too seriously this is just game gold. No body is putting hands in your pocket and steal your purse or diamond ring. The idea of a vault to protect gold is a good one and I will suggest that to devs. Another idea is for VIP player to purchase ‘protection’ of gold steal from the store. Say, example, at VIP 3 you automatically protected from gold steal. Another idea is to scale the amount of gold to steal - the players of high level or big guild should have more gold raided from them to help make things more even for beginner players.

Game shouldn’t be even for beginners why should beginners get same perks as ppl who have put lots of time in?

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Have you considered proposing that top level guilds should lose a very much higher amount of gold than those poverty guilds? I mean, surely you agree it would inject even more excitement if you were at the risk of losing, say, 500k gold, being in the rich guild you are. It could be tied to legendary tasks, base amount of 1k, plus 100k for each legendary task completed the previous week. Unless, of course, you are scared to lose some precious gold.


Erm I think this is called pay to win. Something the devs said they will never do.

Next idea please


At least a little laugh at a very rainy day. :wink:


What if the next idea was better than this one? :smirk:


I highly doubt that. :laughing:


The next idea will be:

If you lose a GW match someone will come to your house and throat punch you. The devs will employ ppl all over the world to perform this task but if you are vip level 100you are allowed to hit the person yourself


what an exciting feature