A fond farewell! Necro'd post


It is with a heavy heart that I must come to this conclusion, I just don’t have the motivation to play any longer. I thank you so much development team for making this awesome game that I spent over a year playing, I thoroughly enjoyed everything that you’ve done. Thank you so much for Community for bringing me hours of entertainment outside of the game even! You guys have been awesome and I hope you have a ton of fun in the future for now I’m logging off for good.


Oh no! Sorry to see you go, and hope you come back and visit us! Guilds update coming soon :slight_smile:


And have fun doing whatever it is you decide to do.


I’m going to miss ya buddy!


I hope to see you around and coming back soon!

Até mais!


So sorry to see you go, @Machiknight. Hope after a break you feel like coming back.


I know how you feel. Why don’t you become a shadow player to this game instead of an active one. I am burned out myself, however as a shadow player all you have to do is log in every day and collect your daily rewards then log out.


Your fellow guild members must love you =P


sigh Sarcasm or not, I’m glad that I’m in a family guild…


So long @Machiknight, all the best…


They enjoy the guild. Somehow my guild has been active for over a year or so and we have almost 9k trophies. I do not understand why it is so active when the guild master is not.


Take care @Machiknight, sorry to see you go. Guess it’ll be up to me to keep the love of robots alive around here, a task I shall take seriously! Fare well and hope to see you around again one day. :sunglasses:


Farewell and good luck in your future endeavors!


Well that makes 2 of us as I have bowed out also, great game but just started to be a chore rather than something I once played and never thought about the time :slight_smile:


9,000 trophies in a year? That is not what’s I’d consider an active guild. It’'s, on average, less than 1 trophy per day per player.


Farewell to both of you. It has been entertaining.


Good luck to both of you! Hopefully you’ll pop back in again at times and say hi :wink:


peace brothers.


Bye Machi o/
I’m waiting for the guild update to decide whether I’ll continue with playing or stop. .


It’s all about the Guild Wars for me. If that’s awesome, I’m in it indefinitely. If not, prob out.