Mean Machine is missing you!

I know. Every guild out there claims they are awesome. But – trust me on this – WE ARE. We close all events. Our guardians are full. We help and encourage one another. And our mins are very casual: 300 trophies, 1300 seals, 700k Gold (well, 1.6M during GW week, since we want to occasionally get some LTs). Oh, and we don’t require you to do Guild Wars, that is totally optional and up to you. Discord, on the other hand, we really like, but if you promise to check chat occasionally, not require.

So, whaddya say? Give us a shout. Respond here, or get us on discord (Wisp#2411 or AmazonJax#3544). The game is SO MUCH BETTER with a great guild.


I’m not missing mean machine

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Awwwwww… but we miss you! :kissing_heart:

If you really miss me then recruit me

If you really want to be recruited, give me your game code. My discord handle is just up there ^^.

Yes ma’am :smiley: