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A few questions about guilds


I’ve been playing GoW for a few months now, but never really got into the guild aspect of this game. When I first started, I created a guild just in order to get the achievement for it (playing on Xbox One), but didn’t really think about it at the time, and named it something lame (“My character’s name’s” Guild). Now I regretting this, and wondering if there is a way to change the name of my guild (so that if I do open it to other players to join, they might actually want to).

I have 2 questions though : Is there a way to change my guild name? I can’t seem to find one or any topic on the matter.

And secondly : Will I lose all my accumulated trophies if I’m unable to rename my guild and am left with no other option other than to disband it to form another? I would hate to lose the 600+ trophies I already have.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!



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First: No, there’s no in-game way to change your guild’s name.

Second: Yes. Leaving a guild leaves any trophies earned within said guild. (Disbanding erases everything)

Dang that really sucks…

Well, I guess I’ll just have to keep my lame guild name then.

Thanks for the answers Zelfore!

Try sending support a ticket they might be able to change it for you, I recently did that to have my heroes name changed.

I would also suggest opening your guild up immediately, having other members will help greatly with resource gain.

Thanks irishfury187, I’ll try that. It wouldn’t hurt to try!:slight_smile:

Hello @Demonitus

You can submit a Ticket to 505games Support and request a guild name change, if that is what you truly desire. However your gameplay will remain limited as long as you’re alone in a solo guild. It’s hard enough finding a dedicated team of guildees. It might be better to stride out and join a new team of guild companions to help in your progress.

Support may likely offer you the same advice.

Leaving your guild will lose your accumulated trophies that’s true. I have left two guilds on Xbox One previously when they went inactive, before joining my current Champion-level one. Life became easier in GoW after that, with more new trophies to win and better resource rewards (by far).

Full disclosure: I am currently Guildmaster for PhantomKiddz, a Top 50 guild on XB1. See our recruitment announcement with the full details here.

We are a relaxed guild compared to the Top 5, but I am always looking for members who are actively participating and can help with the resource contributions. If our guild fits the bill, feel free to hit me up on either XB1 directly or shoot a PM to me @Syndarin on these forums.

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Quit your guild and join an established one.

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