XB1 Guilds and "Guild Chat"

Hello, fellow GoW XB1 players! I am relatively new to this game, (started in Dec/2015) but a long time fan of Puzzle Quest. When I reached level 20-ish, I joined a guild called “No Idea” based on the name alone. They are a great bunch of folks I’ve come to believe, but it’s mostly a silent relationship so far. Does the XB1 version of the game have a guild chat function, or am i forced to make announcements to my guildies simply to thank them for promoting me twice in less than a month? Is there a way to find gamer tags so I could add them as friends? TIA for answers/suggestions.

There is a guild chat function but it sucks and doesn’t work half the time. On the same screen where you press Y to change the announcement, it is at the bottom of the screen. No way to find gamertags unless someone specifically tells you theirs in guild chat. All in all it’s a disappointing system.

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Thank you!