Semi-intelligent newb questions (XB1)

So, new Xbox player. Been grinding a bit, at level 16 or so, had some questions that the search button wasn’t helping too much with (or I was searching the wrong thing, etc.)

A)When one of my characters levels up, is the increase in armor/magic/attack etc. random or is there a set pattern to it? Because it looks random from the method that pops up on the screen, but that seems really mopey to me especially since the last 3 levels my hero has leveled up I got bupkus.

B)Can guilds send me an invite on Xbox? I’m in a “we aren’t doing anything” guild at the moment, and wouldn’t mind hunting a good one down, but I’m just not clear if I could actually find one or if it’s just potluck on console.

C)I see mention of special events and what not here and there, but in the grand 48 hours I’ve been on, I haven’t seen any indication of how or what I could access. Did I just pick a boring time to pick the game up or am I missing something?

D)Can I access the same account I’m playing on my Xbox on my Iphone? T’would be neat if I could…

It does has a pattern, is not random at all. In order to recieve guild invitations you must leave the guild you are currently on. For special events you must go to the store and find the troop or weapon on the glory tab. (If that’s what the event is rewarding) If i’ts a double exp weekend or gem sale you pretty much don’t have to anything but play or purshase the gems. And sadly no, you can’t play the same account, only if it was pc and mobile (either Android or iOS.)

For a little more in-depth info.

A): Stats upgrade at set levels and are all set in what’s given. For example, upon reaching level 100 you will always gain +1 Magic, and will from then on only receive a stat upgrade every 50-100 levels.

B): Yes, guilds can send you an invite, if you’re not already in a guild. But keep in mind that if you don’t request to join via a forum or chat of some sort, you will have to play potluck when randomly joining guilds.

C): Special events are really more of a Glory Tab swapping out. New lands may be added, or occasionally there are 2x (Gold/Souls/EXP) weekends, but otherwise you’ll want to check the Glory rewards shop every week for a new troop and/or weapon.

D): Sadly no. Consoles are not compatible with the PC/Mobile release. You can link your computer and phone/tablet together though.

For even more in-depth info:
(Assuming it hasn’t changed since January)

Hero leveling stats are fixed. There is currently nowhere that a full list exists.
I do know what all of them are at 50+, but not previous to that:

Magic: 50, 100, 500
Life: 60, 90 200, 750
Armor: 70, 150, 400
Attack: 80, 300, 1000

1)Thanks for the responses. :smile:

2)So… Glory… I’m not seeing a Glory tab at all, and my brother mentioned that too when he was talking about his game on Steam…

When I’m on Kingdom select, I can just look at the places and do quests and what not.

When I’m on menu select, it shows my gold & gems up top right (I’m assuming there’s no way to earn gems, that’s a pure $ thing?), and on the bottom I have various selections (Hero, troops, attack, defend, chests, etc.). I can also hit RB/LB to look at my tasks (level a guy up, reach level 20, etc.)

So if somebody could point out where Glory is and so forth, that would be appreciated. Or if it’s even available on Xbox. I’m getting the feeling the versions are different. Like substantially different.

Glory rewards are found in the shop. Click the gold or gems in the top right to get to the various Shop tabs.

The versions are quite different, but as long as you post in this part of the forum (so we know you’re on console), PC/mobile players can adjust and still post helpful answers most of the time. :smile:

There should be a shop somewhere, there’s like literally no way for it to not exist. Just try to hit butttoms until it randomly appears :smiley: And also theres more ways than using $$$ to get gems… We make 350 gems weekly on guild tasks, you can also get them from tributes and using treasure hunting.

This is where you can find it on Pc/Mobile version:

In order to get into the store you can click on either of the two green “plus” next to gems and gold, or visit the place where you open keys, and on the magic one should be a bottom that says “Go to store”

Can’t quite recall but I think on 1.0.6v the Shop was the last on the right bottom of the main screen.

We make 350 gems a week… Yes bit with respect we are the top guild with players who’ve been on the pc/iOS game for a year now… I very much doubt many other guilds hit that level of activity - especially on the new console versions!

Am pretty sure lesser guilds (rank ~10-50) make about 160-170.