How do I change my guilds name on Xbox?

Our guild master recently left the guild and we would like to change the guild name. How do I go about changing it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :wink:
Thank you, Flamingo

There is no such option in the game.Try contacting the devs. A PM to @Saltypatra should do the trick :slight_smile:


Thanks Saski I will give that a try :blush:

Open a ticket with support. They will change your Guild name.


Support cannot change the guilds name anymore. You need to contact a dev.

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I did realize they changed this, thanks for the update. Its a interesting idea, if you don’t have enough to do and want to create more work for yourself. ‘Distribution of Tasks’ must also be influenced by the Coriolis effect Down Under😉.

Thank you I sent a message to @sirrian and @saltypatra hopefully they can change it for us. I appreciate all the tips :kissing_heart:

I sent a pm to @Saltypatra almost a month ago and my end says it hasn’t even been viewed yet.

I may have been the squeaky wheel. I sent a message to Sirrian and
Saltypatra, made this post and put in a ticket to 505. I honestly don’t
even know which avenue was the one that worked. Best advice is keep
squeaking lol
Best of luck to you :smirk:

PMing Sirrian probably won’t get you much these days as doesn’t have as much free time to look at the forums as he used to. A ticket to IP2 at might get you more luck than 505 if 505 is saying they don’t change names anymore. (IP2 is the developers, so you might have more luck with them)

@Cyrup I would like to change our guild name from Of Ares and Athena to Ares and Athena of Olympia. Thanks.