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How do I change my guilds name on Xbox?

Our guild master recently left the guild and we would like to change the guild name. How do I go about changing it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :wink:
Thank you, Flamingo

There is no such option in the game.Try contacting the devs. A PM to @Saltypatra should do the trick :slight_smile:


Thanks Saski I will give that a try :blush:

Open a ticket with support. They will change your Guild name.


Support cannot change the guilds name anymore. You need to contact a dev.

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I did realize they changed this, thanks for the update. Its a interesting idea, if you don’t have enough to do and want to create more work for yourself. ‘Distribution of Tasks’ must also be influenced by the Coriolis effect Down Under😉.

Thank you I sent a message to @sirrian and @saltypatra hopefully they can change it for us. I appreciate all the tips :kissing_heart:

I sent a pm to @Saltypatra almost a month ago and my end says it hasn’t even been viewed yet.

I may have been the squeaky wheel. I sent a message to Sirrian and
Saltypatra, made this post and put in a ticket to 505. I honestly don’t
even know which avenue was the one that worked. Best advice is keep
squeaking lol
Best of luck to you :smirk:

PMing Sirrian probably won’t get you much these days as doesn’t have as much free time to look at the forums as he used to. A ticket to IP2 at https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us might get you more luck than 505 if 505 is saying they don’t change names anymore. (IP2 is the developers, so you might have more luck with them)

@Cyrup I would like to change our guild name from Of Ares and Athena to Ares and Athena of Olympia. Thanks.