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A couple of quick Holiday Announcements

Fantastic News! Now I just need 1200 Diamonds… hmmms… :stuck_out_tongue:

On the 12th day of Christmas, Krystara gave to me… 1200 diamonds and a Pharos Ra under my Christmas Tree :four_leaf_clover:



Yep, it really is a thing! Thank you so much!!!

Pharos-Ra is here!


I already have 3 Pharos Ras. Could I exchange one for a Yasmine’s Chosen? :smile:


Dude, if trading was a thing in this game, I would happily trade you one for a Pharos. I got three Chosens when they released and have no idea what to do with 3 of them. Lol.

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Count me among those who have been waiting ages for Pharos Ra…will go craft it right now!

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Wish there would be a way to see how many people craft what mythic in the forge each week. I’d really love to know how many have been waiting for Pharos and how often he gets crafted now compared to other mythics.


Wulfgarok and Elemaugrim were as rare as Pharos-Ra, so why not adding them too? To satisfy a part of the community?

The real issue is that we cannot forge Mythics as we want…


We just wanted to do something nice for everyone. T_T


Pharos-Ra’s significance for Soulforge is that souls are a necessary ingredient in crafting, and a fully traited Pharos-Ra is an important shortcut to getting souls. Wulfgarok and Elemaugrim do not fill that role.


Get your “Wulfgarok Support Group” thread going and when it has over 300 posts maybe they’ll stick him in the SoulForge next Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We are also going to need a support group for all PvPers when the new wave of psion/dawnbringer defenses start being the norm.


If you want so, let us craft any Mythics at any time. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas @sirrian and devs. If your office party includes what mine usually does, it’d be wise not to show that video.


Yes I know. And that’s an issue: this troop gives an unique advantage for gaining souls.
It’s exactly the situation when Valkyrie was the only soul generator: we were somewhat “forced” to use her…

I actually use PR in my PVP team to keep this advantage, because you never know when you need 1M souls… Of course, I don’t use him for his spell, only for his 3rd trait…

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Thanks, fantastic news. It’s a shame my Mrs quit when the new ui dropped but I’ve been doing Sunday dungeons for her and she always wanted to get chicken head even though she’s no reason to, she may as well craft him. This will make a lot of people happy.
Do any of the team play eldritch horror?
It’s great but pretty complex and we were playing it wrong until I went on YouTube for a third time to find some playthrough videos!

I wont have enough diamonds to get Rah in a week!

Would buying the real-money packs get you over the hurdle? It is Christmas, the season of giving (devs money).

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I believe we have a copy of Eldritch Horror in the office.


Do understand it all? I love the artwork but need reading glasses, that is text is tiny! Lol. Sorry, I’m going OT.

I recently crafted Famine so I too won’t have enough diamonds for it this week. Bummer!