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6 month Hiatus, what should i be aiming for?

Hi, I’ve come back to GoW after a 6 month break and would like some advice on what to work towards. Suddenly it seems i need Scorpius and Eurayli for explore? What newer delves should i pull the legendaries from? i noticed pvp is much harder thanks to medals! Guild Wars is tomorrow, what useful cards might i be missing from the last 6 months?

thankyou in advance!

The most important advice I can give about medals: The new weekly event will have some medals attached to the shop and reward tiers. But while said medals are GREAT they will only last for that weekly event. They will be exchanged by Medal/Badges of Seasons after the event ends.

Don’t get me wrong, The Medals/Badges of Seasons will improve your teams, but EVERY other weekly event like that will keep awarding them so you don’t need to spend a lot of your gems to get a full set right away.

My opinion about the event based on the first one we had: It sucks, you will have a sequence of battles awarding RANDOM little prizes that can affect your score. Stronger enemies have better chances to drop said items in larger amounts, but that’s it. CHANCE.

You can face a level 100 team and earn 5 Skulls (the item on the first event) and a guildmate can face the same level 100 team and earn just 3 Skulls…

Things can maybe change in teh upcoming event given all the negative feedback from the players, so take this opinion as it is, something based on what happened in a given timeframe.

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You dont need scorpius for explore, it’s not the best group, by far.

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If OP shouldn’t do Scorpius/Euryali in Urskaya, what would you recommend s/he do instead?


I don’t know if it’s the best team, but Cedric/Cedric/Egg Thief/Skeleton Key with a hero class that has the stealthy talent gets you pretty fast clears and a nice chunk of money with each win.

Rowanne is very fast. Cedric (key) teams will earn more gold at lower levels … scorpius team simply too limited to use. Even archer skull spam takes is quite quick.


At certain level, teams with the new Guild Guardians are pretty damn strong and cheap.
All traited is pretty great and works well to beat level 12 Explore depending of your status and the Guardians Ascension Stage.

These teams are pretty fun, for me, and can beat level 12 Explore. But again I have the troops fully upgraded, with medals for the Guardian, maybe the only thing restricting you would be the weapons if you don’t have them and the guardians at lower level, but they are still pretty strong.


I like Rowanne when I follow the 20% bonus, myself. Hero with Archer and Shield of Urskaya paired with it, of course. Works anywhere, and allows fro two other troops (I like leprechaun and Megavore, myself, but plenty of choices work).

But I do think it tends to be a little slower than just slamming Urskaya if medals are the end goal.

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7 months sounds like a pretty good goal!


If medals is the goal, then following the bonus is also the goal. Rowanne is not significantly slower than scorpius.

Scrolling around the board wastes a not-insignificant amount of time, in my experience, but each to one’s own.

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thanks, i ran into ferocity, ragereaver in pvp and got my key team deleted. i currently dont have axe of the north but i have the other weapons and legendaries.
They remind of running humility’s and queen mab when i was around level 500, good times.

thanks for all the other comments, I’ll look into Rowanne teams and map bonuses.

In terms of recent Delves, who should i he looking to collect first,i grabbed king gobtruffle last week, just looking for a 2nd just incase i need him.

thanks again everyone

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If you have everything for the “Birbs” team I would suggest you go with it. Finesse’s spell gives 6 manas to all other allies, and the bow enchant itself after cast. So you have a pretty consistent team which can dish out a lot of spell damage each turn if you:

  • Have the First Finesse cast while the second one has at least five manas.
  • Second Finesse casts, giving six manas back to the first one and almost filling up the hero and Taloca.
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