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Need help with a build that will last and some general advice

So I’ve been playing GOW for about a week now and have to say I am loving it so far, Ive managed to get to level 88, have all kingdoms to level 5 and am working my way through all the questlines (think I’ve done about half of them). Since I’m pretty new I am not really sure where to start when it comes to making a team that synergises well I think I understand the basics of team positioning and gem colour overlap but I struggle when it comes to actually picking which cards to use.

So far I have just been making it up as I go, my team is hero(icy glaive), gluttony, spinnerette, rock spirit. and that has been doing me pretty well so far, not really had any problem except for the higher level content like the pet rescue etc. Could someone help me find some build that I can use that will last me a good amount of time because at the moment I fear if I spend my resources on leveling up my current build it would be a waste and Ill regret it.
My collection: https://gowdb.com/collection/5ad5385d7ee12b079ab4f34d2bf012c0

Also I am not really sure what I am supposed to be doing in the game, I have got myself to tier 1 in pvp and have tried arena a few times but I am not really sure what my long term goals should be. Is there any sort of guide that exists that gives an order of what I should do or is it more just do whatever you want?


You need to join a guild firstly. It will help a lot. Look through the forum to find one active guild that fits you (don’t use the ingame mechanism of suggested guilds, they are not active mostly). Then - just develop as you wish, try different combinations of troops, read spells and traits carefully.

Thanks for the advise, I will have a look for a guild now. Is there any specifc card in my collection that I can build something powerful around because I’m not sure where to start? every time I have tried experimenting it just feels weak (possibly because of the level of the cards) and I end up reverting back to the old team as I dont want to risk my currency.

Honestly? You’re barely past the very beginning of the game. Don’t worry so much about a “long term” team, because it really doesn’t work that way - just use whatever works for you, and you’ll naturally get more options over time, allowing you to build better-synergized teams as you go.

Think a unit looks cool? Get them up to level 5 - which takes almost nothing - and make a team around them.

If you start losing a lot, either try to strengthen your team’s synergies, or pick any other unit that seems cool and try with them.

Don’t bother with Traits at all for now. In the early game, Traitstones are a pain to get, but later on, they’ll be much simpler to farm. You’ll also learn over time which Traits are really crucial, and which can be skipped without any real impact (which, honestly, is most of them, heh).

Don’t stress leveling units up too much. Level 5-10 is more than enough to tackle all the early content. Find a unit you really like? Cool; dump Souls into 'em and level them a lot!

You basically have some pieces to work out a team around Dark Monolith.

Rock Troll
Dark Monolith
Dark Maiden

Depensing of the weapons you have available you can change the heros position, but essentially you’ll use Rock Troll and Darm Maiden to fill Dark Monlith’s mana to. Dark Maiden converts yellow gems into another color as well as giving life to the first ally, this helps Rock Troll at tanking damage, if you manage to unlock his Stoneskin trait he becomes better at this function.

This team can work out in some challenges i believe, but for an all purpose team capable to tackle harder challenges you could focus on a Great Maw Team:

The Great Maw
Infernal King

Only Mercy requires all traits to be fully functional, the other troops don’t need it as much. It’s possible to find videos about this team on youtube, you might want to subscribe to Tacet’s channel as well as Burnies and/or others:


Ok, that puts my mind at rest now that I know that spending my currencies isnt a problem.

I think you are doing things perfectly. If you are having fun by doing what you want, you are the happiest player in the game. As soon as you start thinking about efficiency and best teams, the fun slowly diminishes until there is no more fun to be had.

One combo to look for early that will serve you, always (unless the troops are nerfed).

Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb

X can be filled with Rowanne (forest of thorns quest reward) early in the game. Forest Guardian is a preferred troop there, as it gives itself and Sunbird 50% mana at the start of battle.

Fire bombs must be fully traited so that they start with full mana. Explode bombs first and then strike with Sunbird. As you level up your hero and kingdoms to level 10, as well as leveling and ascending the troops this team will get much stronger. X can become any troop (allowing you to plug in the weekly glory troop for the bonuses). You’ll be able to speed through kingdom quests, explore battles, and eventually, dungeons and easy casual pvp battles.

Keeping up with ranked PvP can be tough for a while, and the teams are constantly evolving. Hard to nail one down for very long.

Thanks for the suggestions I think I’ll have a look at his vids and try to learn some stuff and i’ll be sure to give those build a go.

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Something i should mention about the Sunbird team (or any team using 2x a troop) when you ascend fire bomb, make sure you wait until you have 2extra copies so that you don’t have to wait for another copy to resume use of the team.

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While I do agree in some people for me this isn’t the case. I like to spend a lot of time researching when starting a new game to speed up the learning curve then once I am more comfortable branch out into experiementation.

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Thanks for this suggestion, it looks super interesting, unfortunately I don’t own sunbird yet but if i come across it ill be sure to try this out.

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By the way, if you have the pieces for that Sunbird team, plugging in Pyggra in the X spot will give you +400 gold per explore battle this week.

Edit: sorry…posts crossed

It’s a game, don’t take it too seriously. Okay, you’ll spend some resources not very wise, but new resources will come later. If you didn’t finish all quests, these kingdoms must be quested firstly: Zhul’Kari (treasure hunt will help with resources on your level), Blighted Lands (Soulforge must be developed ASAP), Forest of Thorns (for Archer class - it’s good), Mist of Scales (Assassin class is cool also). I forgot already what you need to open Dungeon, but it will be useful a bit later.

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Drifting Sands.

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Thanks for that advise, just started working on blighted lands as I have all the other kingdoms done.