6.3 Update: Depths Below


  • Deep Delves are a new way to play Delves in unlocked Factions.
  • When an existing Faction has a weekend event, a new Deep Delve Map will be released. This allows Deep Delves to then become available for this Faction.
  • Deep Delves have a cost of 2 Delve Energy + 10,000 Gold to run
  • A Faction must be at Delve level 100 or higher to be able to be upgraded to a Deep Delve.
  • Deep Delves are an empowered version of a Faction Delve, with a few differences:
    • Deep Delves start at a higher treasure multiplier compared to regular Delves.
    • Deep Delves guarantees a special new room that only appears in Deep Delves, the Gnome’s Treasure Room. (more on this below).
  • The Gnome Treasure is a special room which will randomly spawn in a Deep Delve (so it can appear in any location except for the Starting Room and Boss Room).
  • This room will spawn a random Gnome that will give loot (like a regular random Gnome spawn in battles). The Gnome is unknown until players enter the battle.
  • As Deep Delves requires 2 Delve Attempts to play, we have added a new Delve Attempt purchase offer that players can access from the Delve menu.
  • This offer gives 3 Delve Attempts for Gems, starting at 50 Gems. However each time it is purchased per day the Gem cost will increase.
    • The Gem cost will reset daily.

We have expanded the Treasure Hoard in Factions.

  • Starting at Treasure Hoard Level 100+, players will now unlock a potion at set levels to aid them in Delves for that Faction.
  • At Treasure Hoard Level 200 players will unlock a Potion of Power and will unlock further stacks of the Potion of Power every 25 levels after that.
  • These potions are identical to the ones you unlock in Shop-Tiers in a regular event.
  • Potion of Explosion, Potion of Rejuvenation and Potion of Power can stack with the potions that can be unlocked during a Faction Assault event within a Faction.
  • Players can view all their unlocked potions from the Level tab in the Treasure Hoard menu.

  • Quest Conversations have had a visual upgrade to a new comic book style
  • Conversations will now autoplay through the sequences.
    • Players can still click to speed ahead to the next part or use the skip button to skip the conversation.
  • Over time we will make further changes to conversations with different conversation layouts, and add a wider range of characters into the story, using the existing Troops that have not previously been available until now.

We will be retiring our previous New Adventurer, Expert Adventurer and Master Adventurer Starter bundles, and introducing new Starter Sets for newer players in the Adventurer’s Path Hero Shop.

  • Each Starter Set has a series of 3 offers that players can purchase
    • Offer 1: This offer gives an Epic Troop and resources to help level it
    • Offer 2: This offer gives a new Weapon specially designed to work with the Epic Troop, as well as resources to help upgrade it
    • Offer 3: This offer gives a new Pet that will give bonus Skill Points to the Epic Troop. (More on this new Pet ability below).
  • There will be 6 new Starter Sets that will be available, though only 3 will be available at a time.
  • Starter Sets will display in the Adventurer’s Path Hero Shop for 3 Days before they will change to a different Starter Set.
  • Starter Sets will remember where players were up to, so if they didn’t purchase an offer the first time around they will have a chance to purchase an offer at a later date when that set reappears.
  • If a player purchases all 6 Starter Sets, they will get new Soul offers they can purchase to further upgrade their Troops.
  • Older Players who do not have access to the Adventurer’s Path Hero Shop will be able to craft the new Weapons from these packs in the Soulforge during Weekly events in that Kingdom. They will also be able to find the new Pet as a possible random drop from Pet Gnomes.

** Please note that PlayStation may not have all starter Sets available when the update releases.*

As part of the New Player Starter Sets, we have added a new ability that Pets can have – Individual Troop Buff.

This ability will give bonus points to all Skills on a single Troop (and only that Troop). Upgrading the Pet will increase the amount of points given to that Troop.

We have made some improvements to the Kingdom Slayer Weapons

  • Kingdom Slayer Weapons will now not only deal double damage to enemies from that Kingdom but to any enemy when fighting a battle within that Kingdom.
  • Most Kingdom Slayer Weapons have had a visual update to their weapon art. These include:
    • Pistol of Adana
    • Tome of Karakoth
    • Choker of Zhul’Kari
    • Staff of the Fields
    • Bow of Thorns
    • Staff of Whitehelm
    • Lute of the Vale
    • Scythe of Khetar
    • Spear of the Pride
    • Shield of the Edge
    • Staff of the Wild
    • Idol of Darkstone
    • Scythe of the Blight
    • Chalice of the Peaks
    • Pendant of the Empire
    • Torc of the Dragon
    • Flintlock of Blackhawk
    • Runestone of Silverglade
    • Javelin of Suncrest
    • Aegis of Urskaya
    • Trident of Merlantis
    • Staff of Bright Forest
    • Scythe of Sin
  • To help promote the Kingdom Slayer Weapon bundles to newer players while they are playing a Kingdom’s questline, the new players will see a pop up on the World Map for the Kingdom Slayer Bundle where they can purchase the bundle.

We have added an entirely new way to play out a battle. Autoplay will allow an AI-controlled player to take over the game for you in certain game modes.

  • Autoplay will let an AI play for the player within a battle.
  • Autoplay will be available for everyone to use.
  • Autoplay can only be used in Explore and Challenge battles.
  • Autoplay can be activated in a battle from the drop down menu that also has Chat and Game Speed.
  • While Autoplay is running the game speed will be locked to 1.5x speed.
  • Autoplay will only run for 1 battle so will need to be selected again for the next battle.
  • Players can cancel Autoplay by tapping on the Pause button in the top left corner.
    • This button replaces the drop down arrow button while Autoplay is running.

Added note: It is intended for the autoplay button to change positions

We have 2 new Achievements for this update:

  • Delved Too Deep: Complete a Deep Delve.
  • Power Overwhelming: Unlock a Potion of Power in a Treasure Hoard in 1 Faction.

  • We have made some changes to Faction Assault weekend events for released Factions. They will now release a new Troop for the Faction.
    • These Troops will be available from the Event Shop at first but will then release in Chaos Portals 4 weeks after the event.
  • We have merged the Gold, Souls and Treasure Map 15-Day Subscriptions into a single subscription called Daily Loot.
    • When purchased Players will gain an immediate bonus of a Medal of Orpheus, 50,000 Gold, 1,400 Souls, and 6 Treasure Maps
    • Each day players will receive 20,000 Gold, 700 Souls and 3 Treasure Maps
    • Daily Loot subscriptions will cost $19.99
    • This new Daily Loot Subscription will not be available on Switch, but we will be looking to add it in a future Update.
  • We have made an improvement to the Adventurer’s Path > Hero Level so that when entering the menu, it will default to the player’s current progress through it.
  • We have added a button to Adventurer’s Path > Hero Level > Feature Pop up, so once the feature is unlocked the player can use that button to go directly to that feature from that menu.
  • We have visually updated the New Hero Pass Purchase popup.
  • We have adjusted the difficulty in Kingdom Quest battles.

  • We have fixed an issue where players over level 100 were still seeing the Adventurer’s Path button on the World Map when they shouldn’t have.
  • We have fixed an issue where Bomb Gems’ explosion would trigger when the Gem was removed.
  • We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.

Please Note that this update will be available on Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox, and PlayStation. Amazon releasing later today and Switch will be receiving the update at a future date.

We were waiting for the update to launch on all platforms (excl. Switch) before we published the patch notes just in case a device/console had any issues

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Playstation update?

Overall, very good update. Deep Delves and hoard level potions will make Delves much more reasonable. I do wonder about autoplay. It’s clear they don’t want it abused by macros. But who is this feature for? Having autoplay on a match-3 seems odd when it’s pointedly not for grinding (which is good).


6 new pets:


Interesting. I’m very glad for those who haven’t maxed factions to have these alternative options to do full faction runs. I expected a bit more for those who already maxed factions to have incentives for coming back to an event other than a new troop (higher renown/level?) but a good update overall for those who haven’t.

edit also hooray for new pets! We really need more non-cosmetic pets to start coming into the game. It’s getting a bit stale in that department. Lots of ways to mix it up. No need to limit yourself to a single pet that increases gold gain for example. Or as we’ve seen with Nexus pet…we can add more mastery pets. Keep them coming in any shape or form.


Good news for me as I have not done any PF 500 yet. I just wish we could convert lower treasures to higher treasures.


Autoplay, its for those who run multiple alts on multiple devices.

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Man, 1.5 speed autoplay is soul crushing to watch.

Locked up my ps4 the first time I saw the tutorial. Worked the second time.

Edit: I just want to say that, pending any weird bugs, this looks like a great patch and I’m sincerely impressed with the team for making it.


I’ve been somewhat vocal in other threads about not liking the idea of additional help for delves – in particular, not wanting to see overwhelming numbers of potions added in to trivialize the thing. Obviously, I was never going to be happy with the result, but it doesn’t seem as bad to me as it could have been. It still takes a lot of effort and resources to get (one) Hoard to Level 200 and I suspect that’s going to stymie a lot of players who were hoping for more. I guess I’m okay-ish(?) with giving out Potions of Power from there and every so often beyond that, at least so long as it doesn’t start creeping further from there.

And as @gow mentions a few posts above me, there needs to be a way to convert lower treasures to higher treasures. Even if it’s something like a 10:1 ratio where we’d lose a fair amount of “hoard points” in the process. A Soulforge recipe could take care of that, so long as the developers don’t troll us by requiring Cursed Runes to make the conversion.

They ought to do something like 5 of a treasure plus some souls and a bunch of Treasure Maps for 1 of the next tier up. Not just allowing us to upgrade our treasure troops to simplify the upgrade process, but also giving us something to do with the reams of Treasure Maps most of us endgame players possess. And something that seems topical, too!


My highest delve hoard level is 320 for Fang Moor. Here’s what that looks like:

The +35 stats is NOT represented on the left though:

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Thats why they have AutoPilot button changing places, I think.

Split screen is broken (at least in my book).

Used to be a full screen on the right or left, now you have a tiny screen which will make split screen unusable (if you don’t want to play on tiny maps).

Is that a feature or a bug?

@Jeto @Kafka

If feature then you should reconsider because this sucks. I neither want to play on a giant map on my tablet nor on a tiny one. :sweat_smile:

It doesn’t look that bad in screenshots but it is. Also don’t like that it’s way up now instead of in the middle - uncomfortable to play like that.

Autoplay vs Just doing it myself…

Autoplay - more people running multiple accounts —> number of active/concurrent users increase —> metrics convince some people that the game is doing better (than it actually is) —> drives some internal incentives with owner/publisher.

Not sure I see any other benefit, and don’t recall having seen any player request this feature.


I love autoplay.
Now I can grind for the Hoard Mimic while doing something actually important!

(but Jesus, watching it go is excruciating. It’s so slow and the AI is terrible. One enemy troop left, and I have a fully charged ZuulGoth, and the AI just casts Thrall 3 turns in a row.)


I’ve always wanted to see AI vs AI, but not having this feature available in PvP defenders for deck testing seems like a huge miss.

Also, I get not wanting for Autoplay to be the main way to play, so turning it on each time is fine, but 1.5x speed seems excessive when the AI is already inefficient at taking the most optimal routes. It’ll take plenty of moves that arent needed. I’d like to study the AIs priorities, but 1.5x is just unbearable. Please at least let it be 4x speed optional.

I welcome the rest of the new content, I think.


Cheers on the new update! I’m liking the delve stuff I am seeing, plus with potions retroactively applying to Hoards over level 100, I was just able to complete a Pure Faction run I’ve been stubbornly stuck on for weeks. Even better, it was a kingdom being held back from upgrading due to faction pet!

So, are the random pet drops from Pet Gnomes of troop-specific pets going to be made of unobtainium or will they drop at a somewhat reasonable rate? I like the mechanic of having them drop actual copies of pets as well as starting Pet Rescue events, but am still a bit scarred by the ongoing Hoard Mimic search.


Thanks for the potions! I’ve finished one of the three I was waiting to complete! 2 more to go!

Also, for anyone that already has 200 hoard on a delve and is looking for the new achievement to unlock, you need to level once more to trigger it.


See this user gets it. I know a vast majority will be absolutely thrilled with this update but I am not. The game needs to have hardcore mode to keep that small hc playerbase also interested. Now, the current hc mode as we knew it is gone for good. The hand holding starts after 125 hoard. I was worried we are going to be “forced” to use potions and here we are now. :neutral_face:


Don’t you just love it when a troop loops itself? I have on multiple occasions been caught by Detect-o-Bot fully charged (i.e. it creates 21-28 red gems and giving itself full mana + extra turn + recast + repeat + etc) and there’s literally nothing I can do except wait for its spell to self-destruct.

As for me, I actually am playing on Switch so no update yet, can’t judge.