Has anyone got any of the 6 new pets from a rescue yet? Yes

Day 25 - using the bots data from 860 Guilds. Exactly zero pet rescues triggered with the Garyatrics bot for the 6 new pets. (I’ve also been doing some light stalking of various guild discords to see if anything gets mentioned without the bot)

@Kafka would you like me to raise a bug report or perhaps if you could poke the dev to double check they have been manually added to the pet rescue pool and not just released as available for purchase by new players? Seems like something is off here. Usually the bot captures the data pretty reliably. Thank you!


It still hasn’t been 4 weeks since their release - Like everything in this game there’s an internal release timer where troops//pets/weapons aren’t available to find normally until its been 3-4 weeks.

I know the patch notes indicate otherwise but it doesn’t stop it being true. The exact same thing happened with Nexus pets as I showed in another post.

Its 24 days since release now so they may start showing up after the next weekly reset.

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Except kafka had said they were available as pet rescues 5 days ago which is different to usual


That it is why everyone is confused. If Kafka said they are available currently but actually no one found any, what that means?


It means Kafka was given wrong info by the devs


20th place in the ranking PvP…

Play PvP, they said, we introduced new pets, they said…

Now I’m sitting here disgruntled, and I’m thinking, why did they cheat, who did I do wrong?

Separately, the silence about these pets from the developers, whether they fall, if they do not fall …

I mean, obviously these things are never personal.

The only information I have is that they’re available, so that’s what I’ve shared here.

I’ve asked the team again just how sure they are about that before I do/don’t double down on that answer because it does seem odd to me when the big highly active guilds report not encountering them.

I’m not sure if I’ll get an answer today (it’s late in the day here) but I sent off the question.


Few more days to go before they come out… :crossed_fingers:

They’re here, thank you.


bug fixed, thanks!


The next challenge is whether or not the new Shimmerscale weapon will be in the Soulforge next week for us veteran types.


We didn’t do anything :thinking:

I spoke to the team about this again this morning and they said if you’ve all been receiving the Nexus pets then these pets are also in the drop pool because they were released at the same time.

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The sad thing is, that this most likely is the truth since we initially asked. I doubt it was properly checked upon during the entire time - despite what you’ve been told… to tell us.
And now? It seems the “cooldown period” is over, so it probably won’t be checked upon further what the problem even was, so we probably get the same flawed style of release sometime in the future again. rolleyes

Please just release stuff - whatever it is - for every player at the same point and not in the way of some fancy shenanigans to undermine the playergroup that has been loyal to the game since many years. Equal opportunities and no dumb rng luck, the dream is alive. sigh


Every time a new pet is released. It goes into pet rescues 21-28 days later.

28 days after 6.3 was released players start reporting that pets released in 6.3 are now in rescues for the first time ever.

At one point do you ask the individual who lied to you to actually check the code? Or better yet, check the logs to see that no one triggered pet rescues between 1-26 days after launch?

I even did a bug report on the matter (since it was bugged) and that report was ignored while other reports around it were addressed.

After 5+ years of you guys making mistakes and the community pointing it out. You would think by now there would be more benefit given to the people. Instead of having to make a case to the grand jury and months going by before fault is admitted.

Cause even now on this matter, y’all still think these new pets were put directly into rescues. And that it is sheer coincidence that players are confirming it 28 days later. As if the code didn’t make the pets appear. It’s simply astonishing.


That was the first thing I did. I just relayed the info I had back to you and then relayed my concern back to the team as well. I understand that sometimes bad luck and RNG can play a part but it was a bit more suspicious this time due to the number of reports and large and highly active guilds reporting.

I don’t know why they started showing up today, all I know is what info I was given.

I’m not sure why your bug report was skipped over, it was probably a simple mistake/oversight. It should have been merged into this thread. It may have been skipped over as it was a duplicate report, with the intention of going back later to merge it and was just missed. I’ll remind the team to make sure they’r emerging threads but also please help us by making sure duplicates arne’t being posted as well.



The explanation is a bit further up in this thread.

The same thing will likely happen for the weapon Shimmerscale’s Wing next week, it won’t show up in the forge, even though it is supposed to. The exclusion period for weapons seems to be several months based on internal release date, as observed during Nexus release. Unless this was changed it will need manual intervention again.


I only made the bug report because at the time no devs were addressing this thread.

I just got the Zephyros’ Cloud today in PVP. 06/23/2022
Very cute.
Zephyros Cloud Pet