Illogical weapon design that was ignored. Again

Recently in 6.3, the Kingdom weapons designed to help new players were updated to do more. Great!

Older players may already know what I’m getting at.

Let’s give an example from the newest kingdom:

Remove all Brown Gems. Deal {1} damage to an Enemy, boosted by Gems removed. If the Enemy is from Nexus or if the battle is in Nexus, deal double damage.

so, what’s the problem?

For the 2nd time, Broken Spire has been completely ignored relative to every other Kingdom weapon and now the differences are actually noticeable since it hasn’t been adjusted.

Every other kingdom (34 kingdoms) has a weapon that now does extra damage to their kingdom troops or battles fought there.

Broken Spire reads as follows:

Axe of the Spire:
Remove all Brown Gems. Deal damage to an Enemy boosted by Gems removed. If the Enemy is an Elemental, deal double damage.

Similar in concept, but it clearly does NOT target Broken Spire troops specifically and now loses out on the extra damage dealt to battles fought in the Broken Spire Kingdom in the Kingdom weapon rework v2.

My guess? They used a template for the coding and whoever coded these Kingdom weapons doesn’t actually play the game/has no history with the game and doesn’t know (or remember) about this difference. Otherwise, if not that, then I’m left to guess they don’t care about the game? That just seems worse. The Broken Spire weapon got completely skipped since it didnt fit the template of the other 34 Kingdom weapons in function.

@Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan Broken Spire is one of the first Kingdoms a new player encounters. New players should not be subjected to discrepancies in patterned design right off the bat. The team really should adjust the Axe of the Spire weapon already to fall in line with the other 34 Kingdom weapons. New players (and everyone else) should be allowed to have assisted help in Broken Spire in my opinion.


Furthermore, Axe of the Spire is the ONLY weapon in its tier to deal double damage based on any specific Troop Type, there’s literally no other Ultra-Rare weapon targeting specific Troop Types (though there are Legendary tier weapons dealing triple damage to specific Troop Types).

I do not agree that any player “should” necessarily have access to a Kingdom Slayer weapon prior to clearing that Kingdom’s questline. Have these weapons ever been available outside Soulforge crafting (which is not unlocked until much later) ?

But it’s not the same kind of weapon, is it?

Player receives Axe of the Spire when they reach 20 blue mastery. The Kingdom Slayer weapons you get as offers in their respected kingdoms, right? When you complete the quest line or something like that? Or is soulforge only? I’m way too far into the game to know the details, correct me if I’m wrong.
Point being, I don’t think this weapon is considered to be in the same category, you get it for “free” as you level up, so my guess would be that’s why it didn’t get the same update.

A better questions might be, devs, why is there no Kingdom Slayer weapon for Broken Spire?


Maybe the axe or another slayer weapon will be addressed in the broken spire rework promised in the roadmap? Who knows

Axe of the Spire SHOULD be a Kingdom Slayer weapon, no doubt about it – it matches every other Kingdom Slayer weapon in every way EXCEPT for just when it doubles the damage.

I’m for giving Broken Spire a Kingdom Slayer weapon like every other kingdom has AND giving every other kingdom a Tribe Slayer weapon like Broken Spire has. We need more weapons to get around a certain kingdom power level task that drowns players in useless ingot offers.