[Reported] Shadow-Hunter's Claw missing in Soulforge

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to be able to craft Shadow-Hunter’s Claw this week, as announced in the 6.3 patch notes.

The Shadow-Hunter’s Claw isn’t in the Soulforge, even though it belongs to Pridelands, the current event kingdom.

Steps to make it happen again
Open the Soulforge, switch to Weapons, scroll through the whole list, no Shadow-Hunter’s Claw.


Platform, device version and operating system:
PC/Mobile, Playstation, XboX

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting this weapon recently released on 6.3 patch be available to everyone to craft, not just hidden on some kind of noob-shop

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Pridelands week, not in Soulforge.
Patch notes stated that weapons would be in the forge in the weekly kingdom for eveybody.

Steps to make it happen again
Check Soulforge


Hey folks,

It’s too close to the release to have gone into the Soulforge rotation automatically but it will be added to the Soulforge within the next 48 hours manually.

Thanks for your patience!


I cannot :heart: your post. I get this… :thinking:

That’s odd… hit f5 and see if it fixes itself?
Yell out if you have any other forum issues after that too, hopefully it was just a once off glitch =/

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Any update on the issue?

@Kafka since you wrote this statement “the next 48h” have almost passed now without anything happening.
Can we expect it to be added into the soulforge mid-day within the next ~30mins?

Just a small reminder (h3h3). Thxiii

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Hey it’s only been a day and a bit, so we’re still well within the window :wink:

We had some tests fail when we were testing the updated files going out though so we are taking the time to ensure they will be safe to go out before pushing them to the live game.

In other words, it should still be within the 48 hours I promised, but if not due to the issues, I will let you all know as soon as possible.


Wrong, please check your date and time of your original posting announcing the “within the next 48h manually” again. [May 30, 2022 10:10am]
As of me writing “this comment” more than 48h have passed. [June 1, 2022 10:55am]

Please, no lies. And if it wasn’t a lie, re-check for your mistakes!
Otherwise this is rather unworthy… - for everyone involved! Please just don’t.


From your post I understand two things: that they are having problems including the weapon, and that time passes more slowly where you are. More than 48 hours have passed here. Thanks anyway for the info.

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Tick tock!

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It sort of still was within the time frame at the time of writing. Let’s not be too critical here, the important part is that it hasn’t dropped off the table and that we are getting updates about it. Sometimes things can take a day or two longer.


still incorrect, just saying.

any update? @Kafka

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Topic creation: [May 30, 2022 09:23am]

First response of Kafka: [May 30, 2022 10:10am]

After that comment nearly 48h for the players nothing happened, so, impatient as I am, just a little short of the 48h I asked again for an expected update and after the 48h was already fully over this comment happened:

Response of Kafka after 48h had already passed: [Jun 1, 2022 10:24am]

Lets go with “mistake” while I’d personally maybe use another word. Mistakes can happen. :wink:


Wasn’t even possible anymore by the time Kafka wrote this comment.

Another 24h have now passed, we’re at over 72h passed now. No weapon was added, no further infos for the players.
You can, in theory also “let us know asap” if you don’t know how the further plan is. That would also be a kind of info. And it would maybe be true (for once).

1h22m ago the daily reset happened, no weapon, as mentioned. Can we expect the weapon to be added with the next daily reset in roughly 22h38m Otherwise just say the obvious, that we can abandon all hope for this week.

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Hey, I’m not into lying and there’s no need to. Looks like I just made a mistake with which post I was checking the time stamp on and I thought I had an extra day. No malicious intent at all - just stupidity :sweat_smile:

Now it HAS been over 48 hours though and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post an update earlier today.

Unfortunately, our tests are still failing so we haven’t been able to push the Weapon to the Soulforge today like we had planned.

We’re working hard on getting whatever is making the tests failed fixed so we can get this out along with a fix we had going out before the weekend.

We don’t want to push anything out while the tests are failing as it could introduce bugs.

We’re very sorry for the hold up!


What a pity! I was already excited about moving to a place where time passed more slowly before the Vault event.

Jokes aside, I would like the weapon to come out in the forge, but without bugs. If I have to wait then I will wait. But hopefully you fix it before the weekend.


Then really, sorry for the accusation towards “could be more than just a mistake” - good to hear. However the end result on that matter will convince me one way or the other. :slight_smile:


But I am thankful that we at least sometimes get responses at all.

Sadly this whole thing with the new weapons is a selfmade problem. Just release stuff for everyone at once. Fair for everyone. No problems.
Same for the new pets, by the way. With so many pets already around to find through pet gnomes the chances are dumb-slim to find the right one(s). And for less-active guilds the chances are next to 0.
I just don’t understand what the endgoal about that really is.


Just mail the weapon to everyone. Problem solved :vulcan_salute:


Hey folks,

Shadow-Hunter’s Claw is now in the Soulforge.

Thanks for your patience while we sorted out the issues we were having!


Could you send an in-game mail to notify everybody about this?