Crypt Keepers' new map seems absent from daily delves

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Last weekend’s Crypt Keepers Faction Event introduced a second map for the Delve. I was expecting it to immediately show up as a possibility for daily delves in this Faction. Yet after burning at least 6 Daily Delve Sigils, I’ve only seen the old map. This is starting to stretch the possibility of a random occurrence.

Note that all of these have been Level 50, normal daily delves, costing a single Sigil (because the 2-Sigil delves appear to serve no purpose – particularly at Level 500).

Request to Players

If you have seen the new map in Crypt Keepers, since the end of the weekend faction event, please respond. Ideally, with a screenshot. Please indicate the level and type of delve.

Request to Community Manager

Could you please provide clear documentation for the new maps being introduced during weekend Faction Events? Please include:

  • The chance of either map appearing in the initial weekend Faction Event.
  • The chance of either map appearing in subsequent, Tuesday Faction Events.
  • The chance of either map appearing in regular daily delves.
  • The chance of either map appearing in 2-Sigil daily delves.
  • The exact timing on when each of these scenarios becomes active.
  • Any other considerations we should be aware of (eg: if the availability of the new map is not automated and needs to be manually updated – in which case, we should expect this activation to always be delayed, in light of historic “forgetfulness” regarding similar features).
  • Any other restrictions on either map appearing.

Please provide this documentation with some urgency.

Thank you.

Isn’t it only the Deep Delves that use the alternate map? Maybe you should try that before filing a bug report and calling on other players to do your testing for you.


That was my impression too. Faction events pick randomly between both maps, daily runs pick standard map when spending 1 sigil, deep map when spending 2 sigils.


At the very beginning of 6.3 patch notes:

It’s specifically called Deep Delve Map, so I don’t think it’s supposed to be available with standard daily sigils.
(Randomly picking between the two during weekend faction event is a slightly different question, though.)

Given that the Event seemed to have a random chance of each map, I presumed the same would be true of daily delves. There’s no obvious reason why it wouldn’t be.

As for trying Deep Delves myself, with all my Factions at L500, running a Deep Delve is neither easy nor rewarding.

Anyway, if it’s not a bug, I believe it needs to be clarified by the Community Manager.