Faction Expansion – All-Seeing Eye

Will there be deep delve map available from level 100 during this 3 day long event? Sorry, I cannot understand the logic under these delves now.

The treasure reward for a level 500 deep delve is only about 50% more than what you get for a level 50 normal delve. So doing two level 50 normal delves gives a better treasure reward, and I doubt the better room rewards in the deep delve make up for it. And that’s not even considering the 10k gold cost for the deep delve. The only reason to bother with a deep delve is to get the Steam achievement.

This is another addition to the game made by someone who doesn’t play or understand the game.


We all know it’s TGIF @ IP2, but documenting yet another misleading in-game announcement that is already costing players time and resources.
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No you can not get this new troop from the Chaos Portal, so WHY does it say so ingame? This IS misleading.
You have to spend 210 gems buying tier 3 in the event shop to get 1 copy.

Secondly, how is this troop a possible help in the delve, when you can’t use it in All-Seeing Eye, because the mana colors doesn’t match?


You can summon this Burning Ocularen with either Jar of Eyes or Chalice of Eyes. (Honestly, I expected a new weapon for Darkstone, but alas…) But if you try to go with pure faction team, then no.


So a guildie asked a valid question that I guess can only be answered by those doing this weekend’s event and with massive hoards: do the Potions of Power from hoard stack with Event Shop potions of power?
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Reasons for doing a deep delve? Achievement. That’s it.

Maybe curiosity.

Otherwise it’s pointless.

Too expensive to run for just a x2 and one gnome. Maybe if it were 4 gnomes…

Potions in delves is something I really like but the only thing deep about the delves is the disappointment.

Can you maybe get someone on the team who actually plays the game? Or use the community - we’ll do it for free since we still love the game despite it all.


It’s essentially just end-game content for Delves. They realized what we all did - that there was no reason to do Delves after you have maxed it all out.

They are just trying to make it more attractive while at the same time adding those potions to resolve other issues for those that find it difficult to do Pure Faction runs.

Yeah okay, nice try. But end game content looks different to me.

I need writs, cursed runes, deeds, books of deeds… I don’t need ingots or souls.

I can get gold faster by doing explore.

I can actually get better rewards by just doing 3 level 50 delves with my sigils.

So what’s the point in spending all that time to program a new map and stuff if most people are going to play it once (maybe once per faction out of curiosity)?


Yep this one baffles me, seems like a lot of work to build deep delves, but… why? What on Earth are they for? That’s programming time that could have been spent doing something with a purpose, like fixing daily deals


There was a hoard mimic in the Gnome Room along with the verse 3 Gnome but all I got was verse 3.

Maybe you can get a hoard mimic drop, but it’s not in the patch notes.

I got Void Portal, that Tome thing that death marks, V3 Gnome and Hoard Mimic on the 1 run I tried. Fwiw it would have been a T2 room.

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Then there are MANY troops that can “help” in the delves, because there are many weapons that can summon a troop and you have to lose a troop though to be able to summon a new.

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My “treasure” room was almost exactly the same. Void Portal, Mech Gnome, Herald, Hoard Mimic.
So, ONE measly little gnome that gave ingots. And I’ll bet my shoes that the Hoard Mimic does’nt drop a copy of itself in Deep Delves. So I paid 10k gold for useless ingots.
Congrats Devs, you managed to screw players over again. Hope the satisfaction you get from that is worth all the animosity it brings.


I mean, I agree with you. I was just explaining their possible mindset. IP2 has not really been effective at end-game content.

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It’s utter insanity that the devs and QC people seem to not keep any sort of running procedural checklist which includes all locations of text or features in-game like Legendary Task drops that need to be updated every single time there is a new troop dropped or feature added. If they do, they sure don’t use it correctly.

Consistently time after time after time they are making the same mistakes over and over again without figuring out a surefire way to avoid them by this point. It’s not that hard, it just takes a bit of organization to say “When a new troop/weapon/pet drops, here are the things we ALWAYS need to check in-game to make sure the language is clear/matches the recent changes and the mcguffin shows up in the appropriate places at the appropriate time.” It’s frankly shocking how no one seems to have audited the backend process and addressed the huge volume of things that slip through as if someone is trying to keep it all in their head without having a set process.

I understand that putting out new content is a never-ending process that has tight time constraints, but plenty of work environments have similar constraints where this type of shoddy product wouldn’t be tolerated, especially by company management let alone the customers.


Okay, my first impression on the Deep Delve?

Totally NOT worth it!!!

I had a Hoard Mimic that got replaced by a Vault Gnome!
Really? Replace the best troop!?
All I got was 25 shards!

And a Deep Delve cost 2 sigils!

Either make a Deep Delve just got 1 sigil OR give some better rewards!

Right now there is no incentive to do a Deep Delve!

Totally Ridiculous as it is now.


Coming into this thread…


Haha, it’s rather disappointing that the “deep delve” only gives ordinary rewards. I was hoping for a new underworld exclusive gnome to drop writs/deeds/imperial deeds. That would justify the use of 2 sigils and 10k gold. But on the flip side, we did get potions in delves and I will give them credit for that.


What a huge missed opportunity. Big Sad. :frowning:


So, I delved a few at All-Seeing Eye, and enjoyed the new map. All About Rooms

Then, the map is back to the original at level 50?

Is that supposed to happen?