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6/27/16 Are you noticing AI changes? More Arcanes?

Hard to say for sure, but it seems like the AI is ignoring certain 4-match options today. I’ve seen it ignore 4-gem matches a couple times today on PC/phone… I can recall a time in the past when it was set this way, but I’m in PvP takign on the 3-trophy AI each time, and didn’t see this at all last week.

In addition, I seem to be getting far more arcane traitstone drops than I received last week. This could just be better RNG for me… but, feels different (in a good way!)

Anyone else seeing or noticing anything different today 6/27/16?


Are you using a Mab team by chance when it ignores a 4 match?

@Lola I am. Is that related? I used a Mab team last week as well, seems… different. In fact, used the same team.

I haven’t noticed the 4-match thing, but I also get the impression I’m getting significantly more Arcanes and Runics. Though I started noticing this at least last week, maybe even going back a few more.

Probably when Mab freezes the opponent it will forgo a 4 match since it knows it will loose the extra turn. Thats my guess

I know in one case, all he had left was a Maw, and all I had left was Mab / valkyrie. He wasn’t frozen. He took a 3 skull match first, and ignored the 4 color match… which I found odd based on prior experience.

In that case, he did already previously devour in the game… so he was collecting no mana. I could understand why the AI could say, ignore mana always prioritize skulls, but it in effect gave me the 4 mana (bonus turn) and that allowed me to continue.

It seemed in past, AI would always take free turn options first.

Now, if something was frozen above that a 4-match would go to, I could see it ignoring it and going for the mana it needed instead… but I’ll have to watch closer in next matches to see if that could be the case.

Thanks for the thoughts.

To understand the AI, one must become the AI. How does one do this?

Just ask yourself, before every move, what would a 5-year old do?


Only saw this happening with frozen troops while using my Mab, they don’t take four gems match if it won’t generate mana for their team or deny for mine. So i’m pretty sure you are right.

Take a nap, eat candy, watch tv! :smiley:


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