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5 to 8 players looking for guild orto merge guilds

My guild right now (Shield) is looking to get better rewards. We have three of us with completed cities that grind 1500 seals each week and contribute about 2 million gold or so between us three. We also have a few other players that have been with us for a long time and we want to stay together. They earn fewer seals and contribute little gold right now.

We are all veterans from years ago of a game called Marvel Puzzle Quest. The three of us were founding members of 3 top alliances in that game, Shield, SevenDeadlyVenoms, and DjangoUnbuffed, so we are grinders. Our in-game names are the same, dlaw008, WalkYourPath, and LoreNYC. But we don’t sweat the small stuff and want a guild that is friendly and no stress. We currently use Line for guild chat, so if you also use Line, that’s an easy transition.

We don’t need a top tier guild, but would just like to get better chests than we do right now.

Thanks for reading.

DruidsGlade uses Line so we can chat there if you like. We also use Discord and can chat there.


Can you accommodate up to 8?

Are you able to see my Private Message in the top right corner of the screen? I sent you Chat info for both LINE and DISCORD

Please consider Discord chat as it takes only 60 seconds and is Built for Gamers! :smiley:

You can Invite me to your Chat on LINE using My LINE ID: nowayjoe2go

Hope to chat with you soon!


Not sure if you are still looking but we have 6 spots open at lolcats. Our minimums are 800 seals and 350k gold.

We found a spot. I’ll update my post. Thanks, though.

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