Seeking an active guild

Current lvl 971 player. Daily player stuck in a guild that has only five or six players participating in guild wars and invasion. Tired of the lack of active players so looking to move. Willing to meet requirements I’ve seen posted for other guilds. If you need to know anything about me, just ask.

Character name: Aartemis


Hi aartemis

Heroes United currently have a space available that you could fill.
We maintain 40k Seals and complete 10+ Legendary Tasks each week.

Minimum requirements
-Complete daily GW matches
-400k gold (includes money spent on leveling Sentinels)
-1 Sentinel Level (i.e. Level I Attack) per 100 levels. (Maximum Level 800 - 8 Sentinel Levels)
-1300 Seals/100 Trophies (Just be active and have fun - it’s important you do the activities in game that make you happy!)
-Raids/Invasions: Highly suggested to complete all matches before the end of the week, no shop purchase required.

Let me know if you are interested.


As posted previously in another thread, I invite you to visit our discord channel. We have an alliance of 5 guilds that can cater to all levels, play styles and requirements. No obligation of nothing interests you, of course.


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If you don’t use discord please pm either @Aelthwyn @turintuor or @Ally and they can give you the necessary details.

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When you’re here you’re family! Join TUF! Unrepentant 1m/1300s/300t or Power Gems 500k/1300s/150t ! The Unholy Family
Check out our Neato-frito server :smile:

:rocket: Join Druids Alliance Today! Come Join DruidsQuest! :rocket:

DruidsQuest is focused on having FUN: We have been maxing 6 statues Weekly and we always achieving 40K Seals on Mythic weeks. DruidsQuest often Achieves 1 - 2 Legendary Tasks per week!
Don’t get bogged down grinding… Join a Guild where we all contribute and we are all over-achievers. :sunglasses: We usually complete ALL TASKS -1 in Raid and Invasion. We are GW top 50-70. :rocket:

We are recruiting 1 strong player to join us! :smiley: Join our Discord and PM @NowayJoe2Go @Taisiakat :smile_cat:


Hello @aartemis … this is an older thread but not updated… so if you are still looking…

The Unholy Family [TUF] is a GoW Superguild currently composed of four active squads. We are a dedicated community of players and always seeking new members and prospects!

Our guilds are: #4 Unrepentant (Diamond tier - All-around competitive), Abaddon (Platinum tier - GW casual), Power Gems (Gem tier - GW Bracket 1) and Purgatory (Gold tier - Active growth).

Please join our Discord community to find out more… good luck!

Intrim Rank#2 has 7 guilds with different req. Come join our server we can give more detail.