2 members looking for a active guild!

Hi there! Myself and my boyfriend are trying to find a guild that can take both of us at the same time. We both get our Seals done by Wednesday the latest (we generally get them done monday but we are adults and real life gets in the way at times), we participate in all activities. We want to be placed together, not one of us on a waiting list. We are both over the age of 25.

My level: 1087
Scotts: 448 (This is his second account, he plays on Xbox and is a lvl 1409)

What we are interested in:

Gold Requirements: 500k min
Seals: MAX each week
Activities: Mandatory
Trophies: 100 Min

Not interested in:

Those big guilds that are like 6 different guilds in one.
One of us being placed on a waiting list and the other being accepted.
A guild that changes the requirements each week.
Another other form of communication aside from Discord/Guild chat in game.

Why do you not like the ‘family’ style guilds?Surely a discord server with more experienced players to chat with is a bonus?

It’s just our preference. I would rather find a guild that I love, fit in with and is set on keeping people in one spot instead of shifting them around. Especially the leader of the guild.

Might work well for others, just not my cup of tea.

I understand :slight_smile:

For the record, our guild is part of one of those families and there is no pressure to move to a different one as long as you can keep up with the expectations of the guild you’re in. As for guild leaders moving, I am the gm, and I don’t move. I share the running of the guild with my boyfriend :slight_smile:

We will have space for you both, if you feel like giving this family a try. Feel free to pm me or join our server for a looksee. Our guild Sons of Mayhem is in this thread.
The server is https://discord.gg/QTGTpyg

Epsilon is recruiting nine active players; minimum requirements are 30k gold, 500 seals, and 50 trophies weekly. All player levels welcome. Optional Discord: https://discord.gg/mSSAequ

Did you both find your guild