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My wife and I are looking for a new guild

Me: Level 313 VIP 5
Wife: Level 175 VIP 3

We have been in our current top 100 guild for awhile but most members don’t contribute much and both of us want to achieve more than 6 tasks per color as a guild each week. Would like to join before the Monday reset if possible.

Looking for requirements of 100-200k gold, 1000+ seals, and 100+ trophies. We both are active players and come as a package. Let me know if you are interested.

Come join DruidsGlade. Can you chat via Discord?


Ah reminds me of this thread, good times.

Welcome to DruidsGlade!!! We are thrilled you’ve chosen to join our vibrant, online Discord Community!


I admin a new, casual guild and we’d love to have you both! Are you still looking?